Woman allegedly attacks her husband with acid after sex in Kaduna

According to reports, A women who in Kaduna state who got an information that her best friend is pregnant for her husband attatcked him acid after sex. When the woman’s husband returned from work late in the evening, this woman pretended as if she was not yet aware of the secret relationship between her husband her best friend.

Woman allegedly attacks her husband with acid in Kaduna over infidelity Lailasnews

She served her husband food, seduced him and they made love that night. After the sex the man quickly slept off not knowing what was in stock for him (his wife bought acid from one Kabir the battery charger and kept it under their bed).

Photo of her husband in the hospital;

After she notice that her husband has slept off, she poured the acid on her man’s genitals. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital by neighbors but the hospital rejected him and referred him to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Kaduna where he eventually died on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Zaria.

Police in Kaduna confirmed that the woman is in their custody and she will be charge to court for murder as soon as they conclude their investigations.

“I love my husband so much, I was not intended to kill him. It was so painful to me that he got my best friend pregnant and he could not tell me, I knew about it from outsiders. I know I have over reacted but I want his family, our children and government to forgive me, I never planned to kill him, the alleged murderer stated.”

Photo of the woman;

The issues of infedilty has been onn the rise lately, just like the Kaduna woman a man in Anambra identified as Stephen Nnadigo, reportedly killed his four children, sister in-law (maid) and then himself. It was gathered that Nnadiogo and his wife, 32-year-old Chika, had endured a strained marital relationship as he accused the wife of infidelity. Chika reportedly told her husband that she did not bear the children for him whenever they had disagreements.


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