Wizkid’s day ones Piper and Rudeboy, clarify their warning

Wizkid’s day ones, Piper and Rudeboy have gotten more candid on their warning following some issues discussed by show host, Osagie and his crew in a recent podcast.

Wizkid’s day ones Piper and Rudeboy, clarify their warning lailasnews

Wizkid’s day ones who recounted Wizkid’s impact in their lives, stated that they are not riding for a stranger but their ‘blood’ who has put his life on the line for the grind. Rudeboy wrote;

Don’t use me for clout coz i will embarrass you. I don’t know where that irrelevant dimwit heard Wiz and I ain’t together or that he doesn’t ride for his day one’s but keep those lies far away.

Grown ass men speaking on things they know nothing about,the old me would come at y’all differently but this is the last warning!Fools. The impact Wiz has made in my life,none of you old idiots will ever be able to do it for your generations..Irrelevant,ugly ass,clout chasing fools. Because person no dey talk una think sey person no dey see and hear everything..We don’t start trouble but just know we NEVER run from it.

Dem idiots been trying it for far too long and the time for playing the bigger person is over..No more silence. Lol..You’ll wish you didn’t

When you watch a man put his life on the line and give everything for his grind,then he finally achieves his dreams,you won’t let anyone tell damaging lies on his name. I’m not riding for a stranger,this is my friend,blood,family..You gotta be outta your damn mind to think we’ll let this slide.

Na you start am but na we go finish am. Don’t think I’ve ever let out that many tweets in less than a day..Damn!

Piper also told those who think they can do better than Wizkid, to go on with that dream.

Wizkid’s day ones Piper and Rudeboy, clarify their warning lailasnews 1

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