Wizkid is better than Fela – Man writes on twitter

A man who thinks Wizkid is better than Fela, has voiced out his opinion on the popular social media website, Twitter.

According to @mazedamouth he would prefer to listen to the contemporary tune of Wizkid’s songs than Fela’s whom he believed wasn’t good enough and simply over hyped in his time.

Wizkid is better than Fela - Man writes on twitter lailasnews 2
Wizkid is better than Fela – Man writes on twitter

And he also wrote that most modern music fans that revere Fela are only riding on the nostalgia his songs created while they were growing up listening to the songs.

He wrote:

I’d rather listen to Wizkid than Fela. Maybe I’m an unsophisticated brute, but at least I’m not going to be driven to near-suicide by the grating, tone deaf singing of a fake deep hack who coasts on the power of the background instrumentals.

What has Fela done that matches Wizkid’s tun tun tun tun in Fever?

Many of you who extol Fela’s prowess are manipulated by the unseen yet strong strings of nostalgia. Your father probably played Fela’s music on a lazy Saturday and listening to him now reminds you of idyllic times when life was simple. I get it.

Some are enraptured by the man’s charm & charisma. His fierce and unyielding resistance to power. But this is no substitute for talent. We are very prone to confusing history with excellence. The past with greatness. But we must wake from this lulled deceitful existence.

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  1. Anyways dats his own sense of reasoning, but evn wizkid himself knows he is nowhere close to fela in terms of performance.Fela is his grandfather in everything.

    • Let’s put Wizkid to trial let him come out and show us the musical instruments he could play, for a start before talking about music.

  2. How can wizkid be better dan fela.Fela is a legend in everyway and you cant even compare him with.wizkud

  3. I don’t think so how can you compared wizkid to fela well we all have our opinions to voice out Fela song is far far better than the present Afro bits now

  4. How much do you think wizkid will pay you for writing this. Hiss…. In as much as I don’t like fela songs I can’t say wizkid is better than him.

  5. That is his opinion but that will not resonate among the numerous followers of the Abami Eda, who is considered as a prophet of his time.

  6. I guess this man does not understand the lyrics of music, so he is at liberty to mutter his narrow opinion

  7. Your opinion for saying such things is wrong, you just say this so that wizkid can locate you and present a gift to you,

  8. There is no bases for comparision between the two, well the person saying this may be 40+ and will b seeing wizkid as his role model. Confusion for the man head

  9. Fela was a legend his music talk about our society compare to what our present artistes are singing nowadays his music was never overhyped

  10. I would say that thats your opinion as for me wizkid can never in anyway major up to fleas song let alone beat them

  11. The choice is yours bro
    Fela or wizkid they are all circular music star
    They are all making their money so…

  12. Everyone have his own opinion on any issue so I guess nothing is wrong with that wizkid being better fella

  13. Never say that again. He is your father in song. He never fair politicians. How many time wizski has corrected them in power???

  14. Unsophisticated brute indeed. You can’t relate fela’s skiing and wizkids. There style is different and so is there rythem. Please find something else to talk about

  15. Children of these generation won’t understand
    Fela music has pure message
    What message is whizkid song passing to youths??
    ” I no Dey denge, I no Dey pose, oh baby give me biscuit make I sugar”
    These are the kind of songs we listen to
    Of what use is it??
    Fela is a Legend
    Whizkid is a small boy

    • That’s the problem we have in this our generation. Wizkid can never be like Fela, he’s just trying to copy his style

  16. Well that’s ur own point of view, but the fact will still remain.
    Wizkid himself knows he’s nowhere close Fela, cause Fela is a Legend and an Evergreen musician

  17. Children of these generation won’t understand
    Fela music has pure message
    What message is whizkid song passing to youths??
    ” I no Dey denge, I no Dey pose, oh baby give me biscuit I want to sugar”
    These are the kind of songs we listen to
    Of what use is it??
    Fela is a Legend
    Whizkid is a small boy

  18. He have some points, but notwithstanding no Matter how famous he is today, Fela is still his father on music industry. And also a great hero that can never be perish.

  19. This guy makes me laugh. How can he compare wizkid and fela…. Anyway that’s his opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions…

  20. Anyways that’s his own choice
    Fela is good ,wizzy too is good..WizKid follows fela pattern of music ..both re good…like wizzy than fela but both re great people

  21. The social media has so degenerated to the point people now try to pull down legendendary names in the mud, just to get attention. Sad.

  22. Ok oo since he has his own reason for saying wizkid is better than fela he give his reason that how i want people if u dont want something u should come up with ur reason but many of our parents prefered felas song than wizkid

  23. I don’t really want to pick sides and I think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions. Whether wizkid or Fela is better is somebody else’s problem

  24. Yes Wixkid is better than fela simply cos fela is old school.and we are in the new school
    Wixkid kmows what this new generation wants

    • Its very silly to think that everything of the present is better than everything from the past… from your logic, olamide is better than bob marley, michael jackson, tupac and so on….

  25. That’s totally lie, how come someone at that age of wizkid will be compare to genius, scholar fela indeed.. You missed it.

  26. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s his own thinking and opinion. Nevertheless he can’t compare then and now because the times are really different. I think that Fela’s music back then was centered on what was happening then and even up till now when you listen to some of his songs you get drawn and taken back to those old days and times. Wizkid I think is actually doing good if not better in his music but I can’t say that I prefer to listen to Wizkid music than Fela’s music and vice versa. I just think both Men are good and both make music based on their times.

  27. Hmm. Well that is his own opinion, for real everyone has there opinions and we got to respect that..but Honestly to my best knowledge and opinion fela Na fada.. And wizkid Na him boy.

  28. That’s what he feels anyways and that’s because he sings what the youth wanna listen to. Come to think of it, many of his songs are that of Fela but with little rebranding just to suit what is in vogue

  29. Luckily Femi and Seun are still alive and playing what have you got to say of their music,❓
    Anyway you’re free to your opinion, or probably you’re trying to create an online Hot Debate.

  30. Can you imagine. Who kind of hard drug does that guy take.. He said wizkid is better than Fela.. Hahahahahahaha show me on musical instrument Wizkid can play.. In short there are basis for comparison.. Permit me to say that person who said this rubbish is not OK, he needs to see the doctor ASAP

  31. Fella is a legend forever! Wizkid has not even started yet. Wizkid is singing without any moral lessons for generations.

  32. That’s blatantly wrong, far from it.
    Its like comparing crab with scorpion.
    Wizkid might be a star, but Fela is a LEGEND.

  33. With all respect,you can not compare a legend and Wizkid ,am not saying Wizkid is not a good singer but fell is more and far better than him, even in time of fans fela is more than him but am a follower of Wizkid on Twitter, because I love him and I likes his musics…

  34. Ohh no oo, he is saying what can’t even happen, how many musical instrument can wizkid even play

  35. Everyone has his or her opinion and this person has stayed his. He made a point but other people might have an opposing point too.

  36. What is that his name sef? MazeDaMouth or DaCorn, he is entitled to choice of music, he should praise the musician he likes that is his cup of tea. Fela is a legend there’s no doubt about that.

  37. Wizkid is nowhere close to fela in terms of performance. Fela is a legend on his own. He was the best at his time. Wizkid is also good at his own time too.


  39. Lol this man is too funny.for comparing Wizkid to fella.fella anikulapo kuti is a legendary musicians but Wizkid is just growing up

  40. No doubt wizkid is really good ,but fela was a legend he was not scared of government and others he always used his music as a medium to speak out.But its his opinion though so if he says he prefers wizkid to fela his choice.

  41. Hmmmmm I don’t tink the poster is alright how can you say that wizkid is better than fela
    Fela song is more inspirational than wizkid song

  42. Everybody has their own opinion to take on different matters, that’s your opinion in the regards of cherishing different genres of life

  43. Wiskid is too young to compare fella, wiskid has never achieve what fela was achieved. Fela is legend and evergreen musician

  44. Well that’s his opinion, no doubt wizkid is so good at doing what he does, but even wizkid respects fela and his genre of music…

  45. That’s what he prefers to the other, every one has his own likes and dislikes, since he prefers Wizkid to him, good for him then

  46. Freedom of speech and expression is not a crime.. I guess that’s your choice.. To me you don’t compare the two, they are in different categories..

  47. I think you can’t be comparing fela to wizkid, is like comparing a father to his ground child. I can see you really love wizkid but you can only compare him with his mates not his ground pa

  48. He is entitled to his opinion.Most people have different taste of music nevertheless,his opinion should not affect other people’s opinion. Wizkid is good, Fela is good

  49. The man has no sense and should be shut up do you know the societal ills fela spoke against?? What has wizkid done?

  50. come ooo, Lailasnews and Lindaikejisblog, una never wan post pics and videos of the arrest of dino melaye on your blogs? i hv been flipping from laila to lindaikeji and back and forth again, yet no such news as BREAKING NEWS since morning it happened.
    r u guys now political. Or is there any threats frm the losers of the last election?
    Be open to your fans, lets know where we can help u stop this intimidation. Press freedom is real.
    Other news media hv carried it
    Awa lailasnews and lindaikejisblog? Awa??

  51. There is no need for the comparison because Wizkid and Fela are not singing the same type of song. Anyway, you just wanted us to know your choice, but as for me, I prefer Fela to Wizkid.

  52. Hmmm, why the comparising..Wizkid and Fela are not singing the same type of song. Anyway, you just wanted us to know your choice, but as for me, I prefer Fela to Wizkid.

  53. Wizkid is just a boy compared to fela h is a legend wizkid is only fanned by youths but fela is a legend to all category

  54. Its a matter of opinion and preference. Oga you have made your choice, so no need to put down someone else work because your not “waowed” by the artist.

  55. Wizked can never Better than fela even in his widest dream….that’s the man way of seeing thing s

  56. there is no problem, that is his own opinion but for sure this one is not among, because I don’t no where this man is from, is he from this world or a different one.

  57. In his own opinion..as for me, Wizkid is just learning and emulating Fela..he was singing like a prophet..most things he sang about are happening…so, this guy is not true about his opinion…he doesn’t like Fella at all

  58. Please, There shouldn’t be comparism with this people, because they sang different type of music. but for me ooo, Fela is better

  59. The man has a thing for Wizkid i get it. But i wish he can be better than Fela in as much as i love him too

  60. This is the height of freedom of speech, but this person is acting under self delusion.
    Fela Abami is Music to the world , wiz kid is music in the block


  62. Fela is a music genius in Nigeria, is better than Wizkid even though the writer made his personal choice. Wizkid is good too not in the class of Fela.

  63. If I here, Wizkid might be better than fella in terms of dressing and the likes but using musical instruments or so, I dont think that would/has happen.

  64. Its not cool to compare old school with new school, at that time that was goođ music and people of this generation have what they liked. Its like comparing 60s dance with 2018 dancė. It cant work. He is totally wrong.

  65. Every one is entitled to his or her opinion…to me Fela is a legend and an inspiration to both African and international artists

  66. There is no need arguing with you because it is obvious that you listen to beat and not lyrics. Fela songs have meaning and majority of what he sang about is happening already

  67. I think everyone has a right to choose . But he chose a foolish choice . Wizkid has no particular music genre of his own . Fela created the one wizkid uses . Mad people everyone sha

  68. That is ur opinion and u are entitled to it
    It is free world u can chose whoever u want
    If the days of Fela, were to be the days of wizkid do u think he could breakeven

  69. I think the person is right, in my own opinion wizkid is even more better than Michael Jackson, because currently he is the best right now in the world

  70. Every man with his own sense of judgement… What is there in the comparison of fela and wizkid.. They both have their own potentials..they r unique in their own little way

  71. That is ur own view Fela Fela Fela can wizkid face the struggle Fela faced. This Era there is freedom of speech and full democracy

  72. This is good news,this is true,fela voice is not cool,and I don’t know why musicians are still paying him that respect, fela is nothing

  73. His opinion differs from every other persons you can’t compare wizkid and fela together fela is a legend and his songs are evergreen so I see no correlation between their music

  74. I don’t believe that man WizKids is good fela is good also both of them should not be compared

  75. I will not spend my time arguing with you because that’s from your perspective and not for me. But for me I prefer fela to wizkid

  76. This is your own opinion and of course liable to it, don’t take it personal bro, felas fans can come after you.

  77. Everyone with his opinion. It’s just like saying that Nigerian jellof is better than Ghanaian jellof. Both has things that differs them from the other . So, since you prefer Wizkid to Fela, that’s your choice to make and you’re entitled to it.

  78. That is your own opinion, their are people that are felas fan and wizkid fan, they are not on the same frequency

  79. That’s what he decides,the way he thinks is different from others way of thinking.But to me I prefer Fela to Wizkid

  80. I think you are seeking to be noticed, and now people have felt you a little. To put the record straight, you don’t, shouldn’t and never ever compare these guys. For Christ sake, Fela is a legend, one musician that used his music to challenge and call the government to order or bring them to their toes. I rest my case.

  81. Everyone has the person they adimer their favorite u may like Wizkid but that doesn’t mean the other don’t kwn wat they are doin

  82. Good that he voiced out his mind. But as for me, I far prefer listen to the contemporary tune of Fela’s songs because it gives me insight

  83. Your name says it all, mazedemouth if not you won’t be spewing shits out of your stinking mouth, using wizkid to compare a legendary musician like Fela.

  84. That is his own opinion and sense of reasoning, Wiskid himself can never think of such talkless of saying it.

  85. I don’t think these people know all what they are saying, they can’t be compare,don’t ever compare baba fela to wizkid.

  86. That’s his opinion not mine. Fela songs is full of lessons of life which can never be compared to WizKid and his love story

  87. This is a funny comparison but I guess he has his reasons for his judgment, different people with different way they view things.

  88. You can’t compare two artist in different generations and in different genre and styles
    Its his opinion I can’t fight it but I disagree

  89. Everyone have his or her own choice… You don’t like him does not mean he don’t have someone that love him.

  90. This is your own opinion bro. Remember, one man’s food is another man’s poison. What is good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander.

  91. Though everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion… I should have curse you BT nah you get your mouth.. How can you compare fela wit WizKid of yesterday

  92. Fela and WizKid are no match. Fela’s music predicts the future. He sings with boldness and authority not minding whether he will be imprisoned for saying the truth. I have never seen a musician that can replace that man.

  93. Well everyone with his own conception of thoughts, You can only relate them if wizkid had existed by that time

  94. This is your own opinion amd everyone can’t buy your opinion because people see things differently.

  95. If Fela was still alive, I believe Fela will not feel bad for this statement, every legend want a generation coming after him to be more greater. And besides every one is free to make his/her own opinion.

  96. Who is this one that’s saying Wizkid is better than baba Fela? Pls we need to check that person’s mental health

  97. In my opinion, Wizkid I’ll agree is better than Fela in terms of vocal dexterity but Fela was a multi instrumentalists.

  98. That is his own view of the subject matter “wiz kid better than fela”, but even wizkid himself knows he is nowhere close to great Fela in terms of performance.Fela is his grandfather in music. wizkid is just imitating fela style.

  99. It all depend on what individual want. Wizkit music is meaningless to.me. so I prefer Fela music because he point at events or occurance or military action again human right.

  100. that your own view which every one has his or her views and understanding, so it your choice who you feel to listen to

  101. Guy shut up your just seeking so.e attention, first Wizkid and fela are not singing the same song,
    Second fela is a legend during his time and we are in a different era.
    3rdly it a matter of choice there’s no room of comparison.

  102. Wizkid can never be better than Fela. Fela music are inspirational and it tells you what is happening in our society unlike wizkid

  103. people sha, what goes around also comes around, i know one day, i will hear someone to say that this person is better than Wizkid

  104. Well that’s your opinion fella is a prophet and wizkid is a hip-hop artists they both good in their various areas of music

  105. You are entitled to your opinion. Flea played his tunes and Wizkid plays a different tune. So no point comparing them

  106. Who cares what you think
    Definitely not me
    You can’t just compare fela to wizkid
    That’s insulting

  107. That is the way you viewed it from your way of thinking but you can convince everyone with that because everyone knows what they like and who they preferred either Fela or Wizkid.

  108. I don’t accept that wizkid and fella should not be compared together… well you are entitled to your own opinion but I totally disagree

  109. there’s no need helping in stretching the clear lie, u can say anything u like in the name of being his fans, but what clear is that wizkid is not even close to fela in all things

  110. Sure!!you have a point but mind you that Wizkid is better for you now because you met him in your own generation
    But fela was good for those people that enjoyed him during his time too

  111. Since they say one man,s food is another man’s poison we can’t blame him but the both of them are also good though

  112. Every is entitled to his own opinion, wizkid is no where close to fela, he knows he can’t stand with fela when it comes to performance.

  113. The person that wrote this is just looking for cheap popularity that am sure of cos I don’t know how he will compare wizkid to FELA

  114. This is a stupid comparison. You can never compare wizkid with the legendary fela. The person that did the comparism should listen to fela’s song again and again and dont be foolish. I beleive the person is looking for comment

  115. Is wizkid the best now is what we should ask ourselves.
    Simi is my number 1 pick.
    Fela is legendary and Afro Music”s best.

  116. Well everybody’s got their preference on things
    That’s his own opinion or rather take on the subject on who’s better

  117. Wizkid is surly a star and probably the best we have seen I recent years….fela was a hero during his time but comparing both of them…I think Wizkid has no match ever.

  118. Blood is thicker than water. Music generally nowadays does not make sense. Fela’s music usually carry message from the mind of the people to the government on the well being of the masses. Wizkid cannot be compared to Fela.

  119. Do you want to compare the technology used now to hype WizKids songs to the natural and original songs played by fela back then? Have a rethink

  120. The comparison is unnecessary, although we are entitled to our opinion. Fela has has left his imprint in the sand of time.

  121. That’s his own opinion because everyone has a favorite. I think Fela is incomparable to Wizkid. Fela is a legend

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