Winners Chapel will soon begin to pay tithe in Trillions – David Oyedepo

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church International, also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, according to, has mentioned that the church will soon begin payment of tithes in trillion of Naira.

Winners Chapel will soon begin to pay tithe in Trillions - David Oyedepo lailasnews 3

The statement reads:

As a church, we started paying tithes when we were worth less than 1 million naira a year; we are now in the billions; very soon, we shall be hitting the trillions’

Dr David Oyedepo

Winners Chapel will soon begin to pay tithe in Trillions - David Oyedepo lailasnews 2

This has actually generated a debate on a popular Nigerian forum with a lot of people claiming it its time for churches and other religion organisations in the country to begin to pay taxes to the government.

And some other people argued that since the government had already received tax on the tithe being paid by members of the church, then the church does not need to pay tax to the government.

A certain user had written:

Well if they try that, the churches can easily centralise all their income in the US where Churches are exempted by law to pay tax. The foreign income from foreign stations would be diverted to USA and the Church reserves will also relocate to a more friendlier country. That I believe can hurt the Nigerian economy…(I tell you, if winners moves her reserves away from Nigeria at once, the bank holding the money will feel it)

They can lay hands on the offerings from Nigeria, but churches could make it harder for them by convincing members to pay online and route it to foreign accounts.

Now All that is assuming Govt can pass the legislation. But the rate at which Pentecostalism is growing and gaining representation in Govt. It would only become harder as the years goes by.

But then sef Winners pays taxes in other countries so no shaking. And Oyedepo has said the church is willing to pay taxes in Nigeria as long as the Muslims(Mosques) are included. Although he still makes a good point that canaanland provides its own water, electricity, road, schools, security etc so what is govt taxing them for exactly, especially since members already paid tax of the income they are tithing…

Personally I would forever stand against TAXATION of churches, the Anglicans, Ecwas, Baptist, Methodist are not as funded as the LFC, Christ embassy of this world. In the event of taxation it is the Orthodox they would catch, much of the Pentecostals can easily avoid because of their foreign stations.




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    • Who is Freeze dear he is a shadow of himself. I am a die hard member of LFC we are not forced, compelled, or mandated to give anything, is simply the law of sowing and reaping at work. If you think education is expensive try ignorant, if you don’t give, you can’t receive, if you don’t work you get paid, if you don’t breathe in you can’t breathe out. Freeze is dieing in the inforea of ignorance believe me, or his own believe, I know how my little tithe saved me from my leg that was poisoned last year, the Lord healed me. Every morning I will lift the tithe booklet and reminded God of his sworn verdict in Malachi 3:10 Genesis 8:22 among other scriptures and other kingdom practice. God is faithful, I don’t have nothing but wickedness of man they still want eliminate 3 children are SS is not easy taking care of them on my own as their father jabo but God has been too faithful upholding them, which I know God that gave them to me will keep them to fulfill destiny, those are the few and many more benefit of tithe. We LFC members pay tithe to the church and the church as a corporate body pay to another church.Giving makes the world go round. I love my papa so much

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