Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith dating Tyler The Creator?

Is Jaden Smith dating Tyler the Creator? This is simply the questions that party goers were asking at the Californian festival when Jaden called Tyler his boyfriend.

Smith, 20, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, told the crowd at Camp Flog Naw Carnival that he is dating the I Ain’t Got Time rapper.

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith dating Tyler The Creator Called him boyfriend lailasnews 3
Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith dating Tyler The Creator Called him boyfriend

“Tyler, the Creator is my f***ing boyfriend, it’s true,” Smith said.

“Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf***ing boyfriend, and he’s been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole f***ing life,” Smith added, during his expletive-laden confession at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

But Tyler, the Creator — who was wearing a face mask — shook his head to suggest no during Smith’s love declaration.

Tyler seemed embarrassed at first, by Jaden’s revelation. But then after a few seconds his expression changed. The rapper then nodded affirmatively as Jaden continued to rant on stage, and started laughing.

Smith later tweeted about it, saying US rapper Tyler — whose real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma — could no longer deny they were an item.



  1. It may be a prank! They like attention all the time..giving ppl reason to talk..if he is gay..thats his own problem..

  2. Too bad!! He is a gay and he is proud to say it out. I can’t believe Jaden Smith is a gay, people should mind the things they do on earth. God made this thing to be man and woman and not the other way round, may God help and save lost souls like them ooo.

  3. wonders shall never end nowadays people are not scared of anybody not even God,see how his announcing it brother gay weldone

  4. Height of immorality. Confessing gay publicly, no iota of shame. God have mercy on our generation and the generation yet unborn.

  5. That their concerns, but it good one do what is know is right,because been a gay is totally abnormal to me

  6. Could this be true? I think it’s just a way to make people talk more however if it’s true, may God have mercy on them

  7. ‘Gayism’ am not surprised, alter all it was almost legalized by President Obama. And I wonder why Tyler was pretending to be shy at first.

  8. It best known to them. Being a guy is a personal decision and if they believe it good for them then let them enjoy it and bear children

  9. This gay of a thing,,whites r so shameless that they r so proud to announce that they r gay or lesbians,,God help us

  10. Tyler the creator of Nigeria descent has on several occasions alleged to be a gay. Jaden Smith coming out in public to say this, is an icing on the cake but to be candid, it is really getting out of hand. I don’t hate gay people but the act is what I don’t buy or condole. They might one day turn away from such act.

  11. Been a gay is noting to write home about and there’s everything wrong as a guy, they should better turn away from such act

  12. see this one i used to admire after his movie ‘the karate kid’, never knew he would turn out to become something i dont wanna mention. how come his dad and mum let him be this kind of person? i thought he parents were responsible which i still believe they are, but i bet what spoiled things for this guy was the upbringing where he was free to do whatever he likes and thats why nigerian parents will always stand out cos they dont let their kids do away with every nonsense. once in a while they remind you of your root…but the smiths had the liberty which was abused to do all they wanted and see where it has gotten our karate kid. a shame if you ask me but then again its his life and choice…who am i to wish him be who he doesnt want to be

  13. What do you when different countries have allowed it. People see it as something of worth. He has declared it openly so if you hate either of them it still doesn’t change anything

  14. Tyler’s reputation has crumbled and because of this secret he never wanted to affirm the relationship in public.

  15. I don’t get it, is it that lady no longer give guys listen ear,that the next thing is to start practicing gay.

  16. I cant believe this guy could be a gay!!! Oh my God….. All this New York people sha…. I guess he is from New York

  17. How is dat our business, it will be better if you guys stop discussing ur private lives on social media please. But one advise I want to give you boy is to depart from sure life.

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