Wikipedia locks Tinubu’s page after age is edited 84 times

Wikipedia editors have locked the profile page showing details about the life of Bola Tinubu, a leader of the ruling APC, for “persistent vandalism”.

Yesterday was the 69th birthday of the politician, and as he celebrated his Wikipedia page kept changing to reflect conflicting age of the APC national leader.

Confused social media users though were quick to point out that his age was reflecting, 79 on his Wikipedia page.

Surprisingly as others went to verify, his age was back to 69. The back and fort kept on happening for some time.

Activities on the page and found that there were about 84 edits done on the page on Tinubu’s birthday and most of them were to alter or correct his age.*

Tinubu’s page now has a padlock sign and cannot be edited by the public

Following these multiple attempts to change Tinubu’s age on Wikipedia, some top editors working with the web platform stepped in to lock the page and make it impossible for the public to edit.

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