Wife writes heart touching tribute to husband shot dead by armed robbers

A wife has shared a heart touching tribute to her husband who was killed by armed robbers. The woman identified on Facebook as Kalu Pat Eguono narrated how her husband called her just moments before he was gunned down.

Wife writes heart touching tribute to husband shot dead by armed robbers

Her husband was shot dead on January 24 when he went on an official assignment with his boss.

The wife wrote:

I scream, still screaming and shouting
My hubby very Handsome, Truthful,Neat,meek, Gentle,humble, quite, vibrant,Loved by All, words will fail me . everyday I thank God for giving me such a wonderful and Blessed Man.
Anytime I travel before I will get home he has gone to the market get food stuff and cook, sweeping the house, washing my clothes,He has never for one day raise his hands on me,He has never insult me 1year relationship and 4year in marriage He was just a perfect Man for me my Heavenly sent and pure gift from God never had issue for once
So many people here on this Great platform knows the two of us
My hubby and I celebrated our 4years wedding Anniversary Dec27th, He celebrate his birthday 11th of January and They took his Soul 24th January, got new Job this January 6th, went to Port- Harcourt (pH) He went to work close to the house was staying with the Boss.
The Boss own a petrol station called my hubby 10pm they should drive out to collect the evening sales and They met An Armed Robbers on their way.
Who cannot create a fly shot my hubby and took his life,he didn’t ague with them according to the story.
On Thursday at 10pm my hubby called me and ask where’re You My Dear Wife? I told him AM with his sister and he said I should go to the house that it was Late when I get home I should call him. When I get home my hubby’s phone wasn’t going through I had a sleepiness night because it was unlike Him. Friday morning I called my Dearest Hubby phone’s wasn’t going through .
My elder brother sent for me unlike him and they called pastors and some of my siblings and told me my hubby was shot by an Armed Robbers and he died . And has been taking to the mortuary just like that.
Oh my world. My hubby left me without saying Goodbye. I was not there to help him, I
My world crumbled
Who will take care of his old parents???
Where will I start from?
How Will I Cope???
Someone should wake me up from this dreams AM Still Screaming and oh Death why me??
I need My husband Back.
Am feeding on tears
Words have failed me

In another post she wrote:

Death why me????why My husband ?? Armed Robbers shot you to Death so early ????? My Heart is heavy.??? my quiet and most humbly Truthful husband ??? please Come Back to me ??? who said I should not question God????? my source of Joy, my prayer warrior?? you don’t deserve this untimely Death My Dearest Hubby ?? how will I cope? you’re myBreath how will I breath without you? after all the hustle and struggle ? you are arriving at your breakthrough before The enemies took you away ???,we celebrated our 4yearwedding anniversary and prayed for Long live together ?? where are you my love? please come back to me ???
You celebrated your birthday 11th of this month and we both prayed together ???you Love me with your Life and your heart,…??? Anyone responsible for your Death Will swim in tears of sorrow ?? they will never know peace in Life, They are going to Die miserably Death from Generation to Generation .
Who will take care of your parents???
Who will take care of me??????? You will not Rest in Peace until you took revenge my hubby ?????? Prince Ikechukwu Prince Iyke Kalu



  1. What a life we live in. Life is unfair and it is so sad that in this same life, one could still be killing another life.

    Rest in peace.

  2. Indeed he is a loving hubby. May his soul rest in peace. May God give you the heart to bear the lost

  3. Oh no dear,this is so sad,may God comfort you,strengthen you,give you peace round about,God will take care of you and his parents and those robbers won’t go unpunished .take heart,may his soul rest in peace

  4. So so painful. Please try and be strong, just try. Before anything happens i believe God knows the best, he doesn’t make mistakes so be comforted in his comfort. It’s a pity!

  5. It so painful I knw to loss d one person u can’t stay a day without all of a sudden is too painful, I pray dat God will comfort u and as for d killers don’t worry to much abt dem their case is already at d court of heaven ur husband will b avenge and God knows best,just take heart sorry for ur lost Rip sir

  6. Am so sorry for the loss of your husband. it won’t be easy for you for the main time. But please try to get hold of yourself so as not to cause more problems to yourself

  7. What a tragedy,,my condolences dear,,May his soul rest in the bossom of the almighty..please take heart..

  8. This is so bad, this life can be so wicked. He just got a new job, had a wonderful family and made so many impact only to loose his life.

  9. Aww! I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you’re going through now. I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you. My condolence to your family. Rip sir.

  10. Wow god help us in what a big lost sorry madam I pray your husband rest in perfect peace all what you are doing

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