Wife stops Pastor’s wedding with another woman

An aggrieved wife allegedly interrupted a Pastor’s wedding with another woman, an incident which reportedly on Thursday, December 6.

Wife interrupts Pastor’s wedding with another woman lailasnews

Eyewitnesses alleged that the Tanzanian pastor, Julius Andrew’s first wife, Maria Stoni, stormed the church in Kibaha, where her husband was just about exchanging wedding vows with his new bride, simply identified as Stella, and abruptly stopped the wedding.

It was gathered that when the officiating minister, Bishop John Mzule, asked the lady to prove that she was indeed Andrew’s wife, she immediately produced a marriage certificate showing that she and Andrew exchanged wedding vows on September 25, 2010 at the Gospel Revival Assemblies of God church in Mlandizi, Tanzania.

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Sources disclosed that, Andrew and Stella had chosen the Gospel Revival Assemblies of God church in Mbagala Kuu as their wedding venue before changing it to another church in Kibaha. However the wife who was told about the Pastor’s wedding with another woman at a different venue, showed up with proof that they are married.

Andrew who confirmed that he knew Maria, however claimed that he had been granted divorce from his estranged wife. The Pastor went further to show Bishop Mzule a ‘divorce document’, who dismissed it as “fake”, saying if it was indeed authentic, then Maria would be having her copy.

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Bishop Mzule who called off the wedding, said Stella and Andrew would only be confirmed as husband and wife once investigations into Andrew’s “controversial” marriage are completed. Maria who however disclosed that their 8-year-marriage began having cracks when Stella came into the picture sometime in 2017, added that she “can’t force a man to love her if he doesn’t want me”.

“If he does not want to be with me, I won’t coerce him. I surrender to the fate, and ask him to divide the matrimonial wealth – in half – with me. We, as a couple, own a parcel of land in Mbande, a motorcycle, a refrigerator, a bed, a mattress, utensils and house items. I need them so that I can start my life afresh. Once that is granted, then Andrew can remarry if he so wishes,” Maria told Global Publishers.


  1. God said I hate divorce and putting away,and yet the man of God want to divorce his wife just because of another woman

  2. That’s why is very good to go for a court wedding. Every woman should Insist on having a court wedding because that is only their assurance in case of eventualities

  3. Pastor going for divorce what will you preach on the alter, just share the property as she said and free her, remember beautiful ones are not yet born tomorrow you will still see another beautiful lady and go after her, insane man

  4. Some of this men I wonder if they were all call by God to do his work I believe many call them selve and do as they like May God forgive them all

  5. Why will he go ahead to marry another woman when his first wife is stil alive , he shouldn’t have put her away for any reason

  6. Das too bad, pastor for that matter…. Ok when he is doing like dis what did he want to teach his church member now

  7. I like smart women, since he doesn’t want you anymore he should divide his properties into two period.

  8. That’s good for the pastor, I’ll see how he will share one bed and one refrigerator with his wife.

  9. The pastor is wrong by marrying another wife and faking a divorce paper even when God talked about divorce in bible he said that if another divorces his wife and remarries has committed adultery.

  10. There really is no need for divorce. Why don’t both of you just work this out. Remember for better for worst

  11. Yes I concur, all the things they have should be split equally. Since he wants to marry another woman, he should go ahead. What goes around comes around, same way he will remarry after marrying the new wife. And it will go on and on. Rubbish

  12. He would settled his first wife and see that things are OK,before he even think of getting married again

  13. hahahhahahahahhaha lovely drama. how i wish i was there i would have kill my self with laugh o. only God will have mercy

  14. This is funny, I guess her gain is to make the wedding unsuccessful. But can it be that the pastor is saying the truth.

  15. God hate divorce in marriage and I don’t know what really happen with your marriage but rather to suit for divorce look for a solution to be together.

  16. I like what she did, even if she is not going to marry you again,just destroy his wedding….

  17. the pastor knows the secret the woman knows the secret so they should know what they are doing even though what the woman did is bad but the pastor should also consider that sometimes man is weak and forgive the woman of his miss did

  18. Infact, that pastor is not a true man of God ..if not he would have stop the wedding himself since the man in question is legally married. .

  19. From all I have gathered I see that divorce is a thing of the mind. Once you make up your mind on it that is what holds….

  20. Maria is right, if the pastor do not want her, he should give her what she is demanding so that both of them can move on with their life’s

  21. God against divorce and hate it and now putting away, and yet ,you call yourself a man of God failed to follow the word of God
    the man of God want to divorce his wife just because of another woman

  22. Pastor indeed, what will be his teaching to his members. God pls save our marriage.

  23. Pastors are getting married to two women now . I think what matters in a marriage is love and happiness, when there is no love , there is no happiness .

  24. Only God knows the kind of pastors that are being generated on the seminaries today, they do all sort of evils and practise what they preach against.

  25. Well she’s isn’t asking for much I mean doesn’t seem like he has anything one can hold on to though

  26. That woman was courageous enough to prove her point, proper investigations should be carried out and justice should prevail, i don’t encourage divorce, so they can settle if possible

  27. Look at the disgraceful life the said pastor is living
    Is he playing God or not
    Presenting a fake divorce
    And denying your lawful wedded wife all to get what you want
    People are wicked

  28. Good one Maria, the violent take the it by force, some women would have sat back crying and asking God why me. Since it’s not on grounds of infidelity that he seeks to take another wife let him divide all he has.

  29. Y will a pastor even divorce his wife? Anyway the woman did the right thing… The pastor deserves worse

  30. I don’t like the way men do toil with women. Some one will just make a decision with out considering the 2nd party.

  31. Is this one truly a man of God wonders shall not end all this fake pastors everywhere well I support his wife what a nice step you have taking ma’am

  32. He knows he’s doing the wrong thing that’s the reason he changed the venue in the first place. Meanwhile he should reconcile with his wife, because God himself hate divorce.

  33. I feel pity for Maria. This pastor Andrew just rush to marry without reconciling with wife and family. Will men still wanna go to church if they hear this kind of story?

  34. This is a serious issue. since the man of God still recognize Maria, let the elder men of God around them intervene and settle their issues

  35. Marriage for some people is no longer Holy matrimony but wickedness matrimony.This is bad .. if it actually happened.

  36. Since a pastor can do this what will his congregation do since he’s not laying a good footstep. The wife did well by interrupting the wedding

  37. Pastor acting contrary to the bible. Put not your wife away. And if you are divorced, you are not allowed to remarry or have anything to do with any woman as long as your wife is still alive. You must remain unmarried holding on tenaciously to biblical values.

  38. Treachery! Trickery!! And coming from a man of God! What else is remaining to be heard. Doany stories like this and similar abounds and continues. God safe us

  39. That was very smart of maria for monitoring the man known as pastor. He eventually wants to take another wife and leave his first wife which is very bad

  40. How will a pastor be wanting to marry another wife is very bad. …he is supposed to stick to one even it the marriage is rough

  41. What a pastor! Why would he do such a thing? Run after another woman when his wife is still kicking? Maria should not spare him, but pursue this matter to the letter.

  42. How can a Pastor be consumating a union wt another woman when the first marriage is still intact? It’s a shame.

  43. Truly end time is near, things that happen these days are so unbelievable. People be careful so that you won’t be deceive by these self acclaimed ministers.

  44. Imagine pastor for that matter and God hate divorce. I like you Maria just give her what she want and let her go.

  45. This man is not a real pastor for him to go to the extent of showing fake divorce certificate just to marry another woman. This is very bad

  46. Is it even Godly to marry two wives?? I shake my head for the pastor for being a figure of disgrace to the public

  47. yes i love what maria did, thats how men behaves once they have started seeing side chicks, oga should share their inheritance equal and give maria her share, let her go. then continue with your side turkey, that will soon crash..animal!

  48. The bishop really use wisdom to attain to this, however the investigation should be carried out, fake document will not help, just do the right thing.

  49. In my own view, it’s wrong for the man to do such a thing, as least you’re still legally married to your wife

  50. Maria did the right thing… meanwhile The so called pastor should be ashamed of himself by allowing a second wedding?

  51. How can a Pastor be consumating a union wt another woman when the first marriage is still intact? It’s a shame.

  52. She has done a very good job I like her for that why on earth will a pastor be doing two wedding what example his he laying done for the members in the church of God .no matter what his facing at home with his wife that is his cross and he has to bear it no matter what.

  53. This man ain’t a pastor but if he claims to be one, then he must be an end time pastor, true pastors don’t break the word of God

  54. The man is not a pastor, his just a self acclaimed pastor… U are not duly divorced yet and u are getting married to someone else… It’s not done anywhere

  55. I no understand, if a pastor is fighting for divorce, then what will he preach to his members,,,, this man need to go back to pastors school

  56. I love that request,how will a woman suffered with you and the next thing is to bring another woman to come and reap where she never sown.that is uncalled for

  57. Honestly the pastor is not a true man of God. .if not, he would have stop the wedding before that day..

  58. That’s good for the pastor jare, leave one wife to go to another, the Bible doesn’t support it sef

  59. This days some pastor doesn’t even care about the word of God anymore . They give it the interpretation that suits them . Is good your wife came

  60. If pastors should be divorcing their wives, what will be the fate of his church members should their wives offend them

  61. God said I hate divorce and putting away,and yet the man of God want to divorce his wife just because of another woman

  62. What is the world even turning into sef…how will a pastor want to marry another wife when his current wife is still alive …na wa o

  63. Hmmm this is serious. He divorced her behind her back or what. Where does that kind of divorce happen?

  64. This are lessons to the unmarried ones, becarfulmof whom you marry.,let God be involve from the beginning

  65. I really love what she did. Funny enough a pastors for that matter. If a pastor would go this extent, what will the followers do.

  66. Please don’t call him man of God not deserve the name. Even if you are to marry another women you suppose to follow normal way not the other way.

  67. Some women funny ooo…how can the so called Stella agree to marry him without doing some findings to be sure that he is actually divorced from his wife. The man is a wicked man

  68. That man isn’t a man of God…..how will he man of God behave such with and even divorce his wife…that is how they make people talk evil of Christianity

  69. Why will a past to want to marry two wives that the first one came to embarrass him a n his wedding day?
    This one tire me.

  70. What kind of pastor is this? End time pastor I guess. Terrible.he is a total disgrace to other pastors…

  71. she z right, she can’t force him to love her again if he ever did b4 but she z also right about sharing the properties

  72. Some men can be funny somethimes, how can he just take another woman to the alter without the consent of his wife, i mean he deserves the embarrassment from Maria even if he doesn’t want the marriage again at least he should have sorted it out with the wife first and for the woman Stella remember what the bible says “what ever God has joined together let no man put assunder”.

  73. Pastor!!!
    Going as far as bringing fake divorce papers.
    Good thing the marriage was stopped until the investigations are complete

  74. I love her decision. She cannot loose both ways. Her husband and no longer needs her and she has to move on with her life but surely not emptyhanded

  75. Are you sure this so called pastor is saying the truth? If truly they are divorced, the wife should have a copy of the divorced paper too.

  76. Its a shame and he says he is a pastor. He should meet d woman’s request and go marry d new wife. Who knows how long the new one will last

  77. End time pastors turning scriptures upside down to their own benefit and deceiving naive sisters and brothers..

  78. Na wa o. Wonders will not cease. Not even sure what to say. But the woman tried for sticking it out to them

  79. She did d right thing. D pastormis not & supposed to marry amother woman without legal divorce of d first.

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