Wife shoots husband during romantic Valentine’s Day dinner

44-year-old Mayura Panichpongsapak, shot her husband after he refused to explain a mystery call to his smart phone during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

The incident occurred in Kalasin, Thailand.

Wife shoots husband during romantic Valentine's Day dinner lailasnews

Dr. Ratthasat Panichpongsapak, was found seriously wounded with a gunshot to the head. His wife claimed that a 9mm gun went off by accident as they fought over clothes after she ordered him out of the family home.

The wife is a prominent businesswoman while the husband has a doctorate and is a prominent figure in Kalasin educational circles.

Pol Col Thaweesak Raksasin of the Somdej police said that Mayura had told him that the couple had been out to dinner when her husband received a call on his smartphone. She asked who it was from and he was evasive.

Back at home the couple began arguing again and she ordered her husband to pack up his clothes and get out of the family home. He did so but then things calmed down until 4.30 am when the arguments resurfaced.

The wife said that the couple were grabbing and wresting over clothes when her husband’s gun in the pocket of a garment went off resulting in her husband being shot in the head. She immediately called the foundation rescue team.#

She has been charged with attempted murder that could be changed dependent on the condition of the husband who is in a serious way in hospital.

The victim is on the executive board of a well know school in Kalasin. He is known as an innovative and forward thinking educationalist driving improved standards in the province.

The couple have two children – the eldest is a boy and the youngest a girl.


  1. Carelessness or will I say stupidity how can she get angry over for just unknown number she should have a punishment for it

  2. There is no true love in between them they are just managing their marriage not enjoying the marriage

  3. Simple question….who called you; instead of a simple answer ……wrong number oo, na one of my student ooo…..instead it resulted to this…why now?

  4. D woman went to far by shooting him and d man also was wrong y didn’t he tell her who called except he is hidding something from her now see wat it has resulted to him being shoot dey really need to see a counsellor DAT is if d man survives it

  5. Seriously, a gun in the pocket of a cloth. These people have gone nuts to treat a weapon as a common thing.

  6. This is quite sad. Wonder why such a thing will happen. We should learn to control our emotions.

  7. Self Control is very important in marriage. If she had been able to control her emotions, this wouldn’t have happened. She didn’t even know who called…

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