Wife forces husband’s lover to do chores after she caught them together

A wife punished her husband’s lover by forcing the side chick to do house chores after she caught them together in her house.

Wife forces husband's lover to do chores after she caught them together lailasnews

According to reports, the dramatic incident took place in Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa over the weekend and the video is now going viral after it was shared online.

Upon catching them in the act, the wife made the woman say on camera that she’s a homewrecker who sleeps around with married men who have kids.

She was then given a bucket and a rag and asked to mop the floor. She was also asked to wash the blanket which she and the woman’s husband had sex on.

“You want to be the woman of this house? Then do the chores as a wife. I want these blankets clean,” the wife said to her rival in the video.


  1. Speechless coz i don’t know whether they are preparing for marriage if this is the case the woman is wrong, but if they are just cheating around she did it i cherish her

  2. That’s a good punishment for people like her who cannot found there own man unless they date married man she’s even lucky the woman asked her to only wash and moo the floor

  3. This is great, at least when any lady want to come closer to her husband they will think twice. Side chick sorry oo.

  4. thats the best treatment she deserve. but advisably let her repent and also let the woman amicable iron it out with her husband. something could be wrong somewhere

  5. OK songs good, but she should have punished her more than just that she should have made her to eat grass

  6. At least she won’t never try such with you again and she will never forget you also
    Kudos ma

  7. Show am pepper useless girl next time she will never come close to your house not even your husband

  8. Wow that is good for her, she is a home breaker, but it will also be painful to the woman, because is not easy, seeing your husband with another girl.

  9. That was not even enough,you would have taken her round the street naked so that she will expose that thing that refused to be kept one place.

  10. I know cheating is wrong and am not trying to be sarcastic here, but was that really necessary? #my thoughts though #

  11. That serve her right… Hope she has learnt from her mistakes next time she will not go after a married man

  12. Yes… That’s the spirit, I love it..
    At least the husbands lover gets to learn her lesson.. It’s not everyday u see a courageous woman like that

  13. I support the wife since the lady wants to be the new wife she has to do all the chores that the wife used to do

  14. I love the action of the legal wife. it’s a very good lesson for this home wreckers. no fight, no quarrel, no injury. ashawoo! and the husband with long penis, stay with your wife.

  15. Very funny so ladies it’s time you rethink on whom to date.very soon now the act will continue everywhere no more room for side chick.

  16. Doing the chores is it punishment for an evil commuted against your spouse(wife)?He should repent and ask God for forgiveness and be committed to his wife and keep his “thing” in his pant.

  17. This is very funny, I think this should serve as a lesson to all the ladies who are looking for ready made man without minding if he is married or not all they want is his money.

  18. Funny her why did she pass her pandary going to her home.well take heart dear do it well o mbok make she no break your head

  19. That’s serves her right, I wish wives device more ways to make side chicks pay for their immoral act.

  20. Serves her right! She wants to reap where she did not sow. She had better do something meaningful and worthwhile with her life instead of breaking people’s homes.

  21. Good for her, after all there are many single and responsible guys out there, why dating married man.

  22. Hmmmm I’m speechless. It might stopped the lady from dating her husband which is good. But the person that deserves punishment here is the man. Yes her husband deserves punishment. How on Earth will he have a side chick and still have the guts to bring her into their matrimonial home and on their bed!!! These days most married don’t go about with ring on their fingers. If you are not told, you won’t know that they are married. It takes a smart lady and the grace of God to know some married men. Their lies is well constructed than some single guys out there. They deny their family and everything, such a shame. I have come across one…hmmm you won’t want to know the rest. And ladies please if you know him as a married man please stay off!!! If not for anything, but for the sake that you are a woman too. Some day you will get married too. Karma no dey miss road at all.

  23. Black woman power…

    These jobless women going around sleeping with peoples husbands…served her right

  24. Comment*hahahahah wonders shall never cease. That’s lovely! how I wish other wives can learn from this human instead over thinking themselves. That serves the girl right

  25. Comment*That’s lovely! other women should emulate from her. Indeed she’s the woman of the house

  26. This sound funny, since she want to be a wife she should start doing house chores….the wife is even patient enough to have treated her that way

  27. Hahahaha the woman is very kind hearted some will bath her with acid… Next time she will learn her lessons funny world

  28. This woman is damn too funny. What a punishment. I’m sure after this shame and embarrassment, the young girl will have a rethink before having an affair with a married man

  29. Lol. I love this.. Since she wants to be a side chick, let her clean his house too. She can’t be warming her the woman’s husband bed and chopping is money alone.. Lesson to all side chick. Next time she may not be this lucky to meet with a woman this nice, the other woman might pure acid on her. Don’t know what single ladies enjoy in being a side chick to married men when their are many single men out there..

  30. I love your ego ma’am you are a real woman she deserved that punishment even much more for wrecking into your home. Good one

  31. How true is this because I know the husband will not have allowed this to happen well anyways good for the lady

  32. This is hilarious!!! No strength for fighting and tearing of cloth, just do the house chores for her. That’s a super wife

  33. I so much love this woman pls other women should pls learn from her she no apply violent in her case.. Lolzzz

  34. Funny enough!. This portrays a high level of moral decadence ravaging our society today; a situation where single ladies will be following a Married men around in the name of sugar daddy and the like. Too bad!

  35. There’s no gain frolicking with a married man. The end is not usually pleasant. At least the punishment will serve as a lesson to the side chick


  37. The housewife prolly must have pointed a gun to the head of the side chick to make her do the chores or put had a charm in her mouth to be able to command her.. If not how could she have forced a lady to do house chores simply because she caught her cheating with her husbsnd.. Everyday we hear and see funny and mysterious things happening.. Lol

  38. Funny enough! This portrays the level of moral decadence ravaging our society. A situation where single ladies follow married men around in the name of sugar daddy and the like

  39. She must be strict, and her husband lover deserves the punishment, while her husband should be punished also

  40. lol.. very hilarious every woman should learn from this woman and do this instead of fighting or killing the side chick

  41. She deserves the punishment.. she’s even lucky that the wife is a little bit compassionate if it was other women hmm they might render her an hospital patient

  42. Good for her, give her more chores to do. She thinks being a wife is a easy task, useless woman why will she not live another woman’s husband.

  43. support the wife since the lady wants to be the new wife she has to do all the chores that the wife used to do

  44. That woman must be a kind hearted woman. It’s not a typical thing an average woman will do, at least we know those that will hit you with anything that gets to their hand or even hot water or even shoot you if they have access to gun. Go and thank your God, you met a nice woman.

  45. Wow I so much love this woman she just did the right since the side chick want to be among the house let her start her task

  46. This is really interesting and I love it. It will teach her a lesson and next time she won’t flirt around

  47. This is funny, kudos to the wife for her brave act,u love it.those husband snatchers should be dealt with like this

  48. Good for her, give her more chores to do. She thinks being a wife is a easy task, useless woman why will she not live another woman’s husband. She will reap what she sow.

  49. Hmmmmm I like the punishment given to the lady by the woman because shouldn’t have gone to the Man’s house in the first place knowing his married

  50. This corporal punishment is good for her, she should get married why dating another woman’s husband

  51. She taught the woman a lesson in the hard way…never in her life will she go near a married man

  52. That is good for such ladies that don’t look for their husband rather prefer married men. Some will even tell you that married men spend more than single

  53. Yeah, I love this woman…. So mature…. So intelligent… And God fearing. For her to have taken such actions without fighting her shows she is good. For all other home wrecker be at alert more jobs are coming your way. Tell her to wash d toilet too.

  54. Wow I like and loving this . Woman I carry hand up for you. Congrat. Give her more work to do please. But keep praying for your husband too to change. You too do your part also.cheers.

  55. She handled the lady maturely… I love her reaction unlike those that will fight to the extent of striping themselves

  56. Serves her right. I wish all women would be as strong as this woman to teach all this home wreckers some serious lessons

  57. This is serious but I guess it serves her right she wanted to be side chick she should work hard for it I just love this woman courage, all ye sidechicks come and she this always after someone else husband

  58. Very Good of the woman, She Is A bravo…but My question here Is What did She do to her husband, because the need to be taught A lesson

  59. Well its better than fighting her, but the side chick should have forced her way out and this will teach her a lesson not to follow married men. The husband didnt even help her.

  60. I so love what this woman did. Now no need to fight just punish the woman you with your husband, no woman will sleep with any married man again. That serve her right.

  61. Haha
    That’s a positive one
    A big beat
    She dealt with her real bad by making her repeat those words and mop the floor

  62. Action wife..you deserves some accolades….that side chick got more than she bargained for ..good for her .

  63. God bless you woman it’s a better option instead of killing someone or vomiting suicide. Keep it up

  64. This is very hilarious, girls should just leave married men for there wife and search for single guys to toy with

  65. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Sleeping with another woman’s husband? She deserved what she got!

  66. Since she wants to share her husband , she should share in the house chores also. I believe after this online disgrace the woman will never near her man. Wise approach than fighting

  67. Every act of wrong has it punishment, this is her own way of punishing sinner or rather a cheat. I love this woman’s reaction.

  68. Correct woman serves her right. Useless girls That are looking for marriage homes to break. Do small work

  69. Very good, instead of fighting and shouting at each other she gave a different approach. Next time she won’t go after married men.

  70. This woman is very wise…not the one that would be fighting up and down cause of a man…i love this woman in particular..

  71. Wao, this will make a grade in Nollywood home video, love the courage and maturity of the wife, 3 Gbosas for you.

  72. Very good for her…next time you won’t have that boldness to follow a man to his house…I love that woman courage.

  73. That was funny but it served her right . She must have learnt her lessons to stay away from other people husbands

  74. Very funny. First thing I thought was “This can’t be nigeria”, side chick will rather fight the madame oo.

  75. Hahaha…………… Smart wife.
    That serves the lady right. She had better go and look for her own husband and stop fucking married men to avoid more troubles

  76. I love the “wife”, the punishment she gave to the ” lover” serves her right. Since she wants to share the husband, she should share the chores too. Lol.

  77. That a nice move from you you did a good thing by giving her house chores rather that fighting or causing violence.

    • Asineh! The woman sure die, no be those ones way go come dey beat her. She for make the husband join am too.

  78. Perfect. She did well but what of the shameless man that brought the lady to his matrimonial home? He deserves worst punishment!

  79. That punishment is even too small on her, most girl of this days prefer to date married men that even other than their father than dating single guys.

  80. wow this is fantastic, I so love the woman (the real house wife) this will be a lesson to all homebrakers out there who love dating married men.

  81. She must be a virtuous woman…… Had it been it has done in nigeria woman that got her husband cheating…. Hot water for don involved

  82. lol this is the kind of woman who will never live with regret . God i need this kind person in my life.

  83. Wow, I really love this woman. It will serve as a lesson to the homewrecker. The Husband also deserve punishment too, don’t you think so?


  85. Am speechless but no matter thr offense he committed let his wife forgive him bcus God has already join them

  86. Well deserved for such homewrecker like this. I guess other should take a lesson from that.

  87. The woman is a woman with better sense. If is some women they will start crying. She still force her to wash the blanket which she and the woman’s husband had sex on.
    Seriously it’s very funny!

  88. Lol…this woman is a G, I like her way, since the side chick wants to be the woman of the house she should also do the work of the woman of the house.

  89. Perfect punishment for home wrenckers like her. She is even lucky the other lady didn’t pour her acid

  90. Bravo to that woman!!not just cheating with a married man but in their matrimonial home..Thats the height please.

  91. Why be a maid in another’s matrimonial house when you could be the owner of one. She is really not of herself

  92. You acted maturedly, if it’s some other ladies they will engage in a fight with the lady and do all nasty things just to disgrace the girl

  93. She deserves even more than this wife is forcing her to do. Since she’s dating her husband, she ought to also do chores expected of the wife. You are a good woman for not fighting over a man, you did the needful.

  94. I so much love this woman. She didn’t fight but her actions were matured. Since she wants to be a wife, she must do the house chores too

  95. i love this madam, but this side chick mumu oo…as in..well serves her right. what about the husband? no punishment for him?

  96. I think it’s good for the husband lover, she should do that for 2months so that she can learn her lessons and correct her mistakes

  97. My dear, u are a gentle woman. Asking her to clean d house is nothing compared to what I would do to her for having the nerves to come into my home, worse still, lay on my bed wit my hubby.

  98. I think this should be the right punishment for home reckers. That’s if they won’t fight you ladies

  99. Thant severe her right, she is even suppose to do much mose self… That will teach her that is not everybody husband she needs to follow.

  100. Her reaction to her husband cheating is a bit weird, I am surprised the side chick was submissive to her anyway

  101. Hahaha, that is good for her all those ladies that engage them self in such act deserve such punishment.

  102. Action woman, bad luck for the young lady and a big kudos to the wife for her bravery. Shame on the man.

  103. This is very funny. The punishment serves the husband’s lover right. I so much like the way the woman handled the matter unlike other women that will be fighting their husband’s lover. She should have also told her to watch the toilets and all the dirty clothes in the house.

  104. This wife is very smart. Next time the girl will think twice before doing such a thing again nice punishment. Please remained her to wash the toilet too

  105. This is very serious but funny, this woman is a very action one, the lady is just a shy type I think because most ladies can’t accept this no matter what she might have done wrong.

  106. Lol I like what the woman did but come to think of it so much guts for the girl to come the house of a married man and have sex on their matrimonial bed

  107. It serves her right,young ladies should pls leave married men alone and married men shd concentrate on their wives,this is a big lesson to all young ladies that date married men

  108. This punishment is not even enough for this kind of ladies, hope she will learn a lesson, what about the husband, even him supposed to be purnish

  109. The woman of the house did very well and she could have deal with her for days by doing the house chores

  110. The lady should thank her stars that she was not injured because it is not every woman would tolerate this. This should serve a lesson to those ladies chasing after married men.

  111. Lol if am the 1 that cut my husband with another girl at home I will go and buy pepe like 200 own that grind it then I pour it in her when they where on bed

  112. Lol
    correct .. Na woman you be.. what rubbish..
    The man suppose join too self..
    Lol.. She deserves anything she got

  113. What I notice is that there is a lot of difference between Nigeria men and other countries because if this happens here in Nigeria the man won’t allow his side chick to do this and he would also caution the woman too to stop such action that she should fight him and not the girl and 99.9% of our Nigeria girls won’t do this shit rather she go leave ur husband and she know to sure the man will come and beg her again.

  114. this is a good one and it serves mistress well not even meeting d man outside his house but in his matrimonial home

  115. That woman has so much patience and soft heart o…well she did very very well rather than disturbing her self or commiting

  116. Hahaha! funny one..
    she gave her house chore job to show her that it’s not an easy task to be a wife house and its her punishment for the husband snatcher …

  117. The wife na mad woman serves the girl right, but why would the man bring his mistress to his matrimonial Home at first the man is a shameless man and doesn’t have regards for his family

  118. So funny ,the woman is a strong woman i actually like what she did .It will serve as a lesson to others.

  119. Haha very funny but at the same time is good for her next time she won’t try that

  120. I swear this woman is crazy….I bet u did lady will never cross her husband’s path again

  121. She even tried by giving the husband’s lover such house chores, if it were heartless women they will even do more than this. Let her just thank her God,

  122. Yeah, a women should take a quew from this, it’s not all about beating up a side chick. This is a simale way to dearn with them.

  123. I twale for the woman. Next time she see a married man on the road she won’t even greet him. Home wreckers everywhere

  124. Its very good pertic,since she have the courage to enter your house and sleep with your man so she have to perform house wife duty.

  125. Funny enough! This portrays the level of moral decadence ravaging our society. A situation where single ladies follow married men around in the name of sugar daddy and the like

  126. If that’s the best punishment she could think of giving her rival to do then no problem..its her choice

  127. Serves her right. I don’t know why spinster won’t stay off married men. And all thus .arrived men pls stop looking outside.

  128. This should serve as a deterrent to other ladies that have the intention of cheating with other people’s husband. It’s just so common now. God help us

  129. Well deserved punishment, but i do not think one can get away With these with some terrible ladies. They would not even mind beating you after cheating on your husband.

  130. Shameful and disgraceful. What are you going to say happen to you if someone that knows you see you doing house chores in your lover house?

  131. This is what we call maturity…Good for her pls let her do house chores for neighbors too.

  132. Wow… This woman deserves an award… No time to waste time.. Since she wants to be your assistant in the other room, she should also do the chores… I love this woman.

  133. Good for her,foolish girl even if you’re having an affair with a married man must you go into his matrimonial home pls let them make sure she Cleans the whole house

  134. This is so cute.. I love wht she did.

    Most times these young ladies are the cause of marital discords..

  135. How I wish that all that embarking on the same mission will be catching and be giving the same punishment.

  136. Its funny tho,but she actually did the right thing.
    She cannot come and go scout free in her matrimonial house. I wonder where she got her nerves from.

  137. I wibder why a will bring a woman to his matrimony. Tyr woman tried but should also look at why the husband brought UB another woman, if there is anything she needs to correct. God bless Nigeria

  138. She should take her God the man’s wife is nice to her that she asked her to do shore for her. If it’s some of Nigerian women, she would have been beating up or something else would happen.

  139. hahaha.. lol.. the wife has sense very well, she just did the right thing. she didnt cause the lady any harm. but gave her work to do..so funny

  140. The man cheating on his wife might be accepted. But bringing the lady to his matrimonial home can not be acceptable. She got what she deserved.

  141. Hahahahaha…very funny but that’s very good for her in her next life she won’t be a side chick again.

  142. I love that woman she is very sharp that lady deserve that this will serve as lesson to others

  143. she deserves it…. Since u want to be a partner of the home, share the responsibility of the woman

  144. Wonder cease not, I like this woman’s method, I believe the side chick will stay of that house for now

  145. Wow! I love ❤️ this, it is a fair punishment instead of fighting and causing nuisance. She acted matured and the lady deserves the punishment

  146. The girl deserves to do all the chores in the woman’s house, even give her her children clothes to wash since she came to her matrimony.

  147. That’s a very good judgement for such a lady, she got served. There should be a punishment for the husband too

  148. I will marry such woman but will not be like the man. This serves as an example to other ladies out there

  149. This is so funny. This is the type of wife I want. One that wouldn’t be so harsh if such things happen.

  150. Hahaha, mehn see drama, I so much love this woman, madam enjoy the consequences of your misfortune … Can’t stop laughing

  151. I like what the wife did. She was even been lenient with what she did. Maybe it will teach the side kick a lesson to stop such behavior.

  152. That is a good one and hoping the lady has learnt her lesson and the man too will go have a change of heart and stop his infidelity

  153. i like what this woman ..disgracing this girl will show all this people that sleep around to better stop and for the chores that part was just so funny

  154. That is good for the side chic.Some side chics no get sense at all.You had the nerves to come to his family house.You’re lucky you only mopped floor.They would have poured you hot water as a thief

  155. Good one. Though this can’t happen in Nigeria. The man will kill his wife for attempting it. The laws in Nigeria makes it OK for men to cheat on their wives and go scot free. They will tell you its a man’s world only in Africa minus S.A.

  156. Hahahah Nice one for those prostitute ladies who sleeps around with married men,so what about the husband he should not go unpunished

  157. Lot of laugh it’s really funny let her proof that she want to be a woman of the house by making the blanket clean

  158. That is very very big shame on the girl,for coming to her matrimonial home and also doing it in her matrimonial bed,is a lesson to others

  159. She did it well
    Husband snatcher
    She should also use her tounge to like the toilet so that next time if she see a married man she will run away

  160. Why do the lady is dating another person husband before didn’t she knows that the man is married before.

  161. That’s better for her, next time she will think twice before going to married man

  162. This is wrong, her fight should be between she ND her husband for disrespecting her ND their matrimonial home, the girl has nothing to do with it after all it’s the husband that went after the girl ND not the other way around.

  163. She is even lucky she’s a good woman if it were for other women they would have naked her already.

  164. smile i love this, sheybi you fit they chop another man anyhow ni , comeon do those chores before heaven and hell demon reach your side, shameless lady and you the husband big time shame on you.

  165. No big deal about it…the house wife is very wise she do the punishment with maturity….i love ur way woman

  166. I love this woman… Action woman… Let her teach the hag some good lesson.. If that girl was in Nigeria…. Her own would have been finished.

  167. That sutes her right… In her next world she will never think of such thing… And I pray that will happen to the ones in Nigeria.

  168. people like her who cannot found there own man unless they date married man she’s even lucky the woman asked her to only wash and moo the floor


  170. Hahahahhahahahah..so dramatic
    I love the woman and her actions.. For the side chick,hope this will teach her a lot of lessons

  171. You did well ma’am, instead of fighting with her you treated her like a house maid. She was supposed to mop the whole house sef.

  172. It serves her right. A woman’s work in the house is not only sex. Since she has started to the work let her continue with the rest. But the husband should be blamed too fo bringing another woman into his matrimonial home.

  173. This is bad though but the wife is so lucky to meet a lady that regrets her action, had it been she met the aggressive one, she may be in a hospital by now. To me, it is the husband that is to be blamed for his atrocity and not the lady

  174. this is serious, but if they really want to keep an affair they should do it outside the matrimonial home

  175. What dis woman did to dis gurl is really good, next time it we be inform inform of lession to her

  176. She was able to succeed in punishing her cos its obvious the so called side chic is a calm person.

  177. I like that woman for that punishment on her husband lover I know her husband punishment is loading already

  178. When will women or ladies learn,! Now its only the Lady that is ridiculed while the men is left Scot free. That funny sha! Who would had added her children’s clothes too.

  179. A very good punishment. No fighting. Chaiii. You for give her your panties and bras to washed btoo

  180. This is a punishment for the girl. I hope she will learn her lesson. Also to other girls seeing this post. Let her enjoy the house chores.

  181. That is good of her and is good for her.I know the husband be will be speechless. What a courageous woman.

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