Wife drags husband by his penis after catching him cheating

A woman has publicly shamed her husband by dragging him by his penis after catching him cheating another woman.

The furious wife unleashed her wrath on the two after they failed to give answers to her inquiry, lodging an attack on the girlfriend Carol Matanga, before turning to her husband who was already trembling with fear.

Wife drags husband by his penis after catching him cheating lailasnews 5
Wife drags husband by his penis after catching him cheating

Carol, tried to calm the storm by telling the woman that she was not cognizant that the man was married but got a bashing for ‘being stupid.”

“How can you see a grown up man like this and think he is single? You are lying as you can even see he is clean to show that someone is taking care of him. You are a Prostitute and I will teach you a lesson.” said the wife slapping Carol on the face.

Her husband’s efforts to restrain her were not fruitful and was also slapped before his wife pulled his man_hood.

“You have been lying claiming that you are now impotent, but you are busy with your girlfriend. You are even failing to support your five children because of this woman. Today I will teach you a lesson,” she said.

When the woman turned to her husband, Caro attempted to flee the scene.

The embarrassed man tried to follow suit after he saw people busy taking pictures and videos of the drama, he got inside Chronicle building, but unfortunately, the security guard chased them out.

The lovebirds were then saved by a man driving a South African registered vehicle who offered them transport and they drove away.


  1. Very funny, someone not capable of taking care of his wife and five children still has a girlfriend. Something is wrong somewhere.

  2. This unfaithfulness of a thing why is it becoming to much in our society well I still feel she should take it easy so that she don’t end up committing a crime

  3. That’s what he deserved serves him right what a promiscuous and irresponsible husband I love her courage

  4. That is very bad of the man, however the wife should go ahead and teach him a lesson, but shouldn’t kill him.. Also she should always remember him in his prayers.

  5. How could the man keep a girlfriend while neglecting his wife and family?? It was in order to teach him a lesson

  6. Woman you didn’t do well o. Even if your husband was in act of cheating on you, holding him on his penis is a disrespectful behavior.

  7. Serves him right…all these unfaithful men leaving their kids to the woman all alone…this will serve a lesson to others

  8. That’s very good idea, try to teach them lessons maybe this kind of behavior will reduce in our society.

  9. Any man that cannot take care of his family is worst than an infidel. Oga go and take care of your family and stop jumping here and there with women.

  10. It is gud for him like dat, he derseves all the embarasment he got from her… To the extend he had to even lie to his wife that he is impotent, haba! That is real wickedness, the wife shoud have naked the lady,

  11. Lolzzz…I love that…it will teach him some lessons, not only him to other married men out der

  12. Haba… ki lo de.. is that the end of life… she should have accepted her fate.. went too far,….. as far as am concerned

  13. Hahahhaha, but seriously she also embarrassed herself, for me hmmmmmmm you will come home and meet me. Useless man

  14. The whole blame goes to the man who has taken it upon himself to cheat his wife, never tell the lady that he is married it is very bad.

  15. Wonders shall never end. This man is shameless, he deserve the embarrassment,Even the lady deserve serious beating by that wife.

  16. Men will not change honestly, always cheating does it mean they can stick to their wives or what? The Man deserves what ever the woman has done to him.

  17. That’s not the way to handle such issues, what the wife did was wrong she should have gone quietly and waited for her husband to come, instead disgracing them self publicly.

  18. Yes he cheated on you, but that’s not the best way to settle it. Not every man will tolerate that act she displayed.

  19. Dat is good for him, infact that woman really teach her husband a lession, next time he we not do such kind of things again

  20. That won’t stop him from cheating.
    Be wise and know what you can’t do that made him go outside to look for it.

  21. Did you have to drag his penic. If it is not useful for you again alot of people are their waiting for ur husband

  22. I call it greed on the part of the married man. He is also an ingrate and a cheat. With 5 kids and a woman that takes care of him, he is still not satisfied. He’s still looking for younger girls he can deceive and devour. Let him run to the moon.

  23. This is kind funny, fine he is guilty but u didn’t see any place to hold him except where the company locate hahaha, Pls have mercy on him o

  24. please teach him that lesson very well so that next time if junior remember it he will not stand for another woman

  25. That’s really disgraceful to both couples
    If they want to settle they should and if not
    The public things isn’t good enough from the wife

  26. Well that suit the man but the woman might not angry to that extent if he have done what is right for her also thier children……he did not take care of the house but he is outside taking care of prostitute nonsense

  27. The woman should teach him a good lesson. He deserves to be disgraced, he can’t even take care of his family but have time to cheat on to wife.

  28. Very funny, someone not capable of taking care of his wife and five children still has a girlfriend. Something is wrong somewhere maybe Na for village it’s well ohhhhh

  29. That’s very Good… These men need to be taught lesson…if they know they can’t do without cheating,they should remain single

  30. The man got what he deserves. How can a full grown married man with five kids stupe so low to be embarrassed in public for cheating on his wife

  31. Men are wicked. Very funny, someone not capable of taking care of his wife and five children still has a girlfriend. Something is wrong somewhere.

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