Wife caught having sex with another man, while she starves husband of sex

A woman has been caught by her husband having sex with another man despite not agreeing to the husband’s repeated request for sex.

William Masiiwa Chakanyuka, 58, a businessman at Juru Growth point in Zimbabwe, is accusing Witness Mutize of seducing his wife identified as Primrose Chimutsa after he caught the two red-handed caressing in a car sometime before Christmas.

Wife caught having sex with another man, while starving husband with sex lailasnews 3
Wife caught having sex with another man, while starving husband with sex

The estranged lovers could not enjoy the Christmas together after the wife was exposed.

The businessman did not take justice into his own hands, however, but approached Chief Chikwaka to resolve the issue.


Chief Chikwaka, real name Murambiwa Bungu,  confirmed the incident and stated that the trial was due this  Sunday.

”One of our local businessmen  claims that he caught his wife in the arms of another local businessman,” said Chief Chikwaka.

Chakanyuka told the H-Metro that he suspected that his wife had been cheating on him for some time since she had been denying him his conjugal rights.

Chakanyuka assumptions where only confirmed when he caught Primrose in Mutize’s arms.

”I am still to believe that my colleague has been giving me a false smile when he was busy dipping his stick into my well,” said Chakanyuka.


  1. How can you trust marriage . this one no be human being at all . the man pack her load out sharp sharp

  2. This not making sense woman.am very sure assuming the man happen to be the one doing that. it will be serious fight.

  3. Something must be wrong somewhere. Maybe he husband I no doing his work very well in the bed by leaving his wife unsatisfied or something else but that shouldn’t give her the right to cheat on him husband with his very business fellow

  4. The man should find out what is the exact problem.This is if they had ever mutually loved each other.

  5. Let him just leave her.. Women have sex with emotions. It means that she’s in love with him

  6. Hmm people are untrustworthy you trust they they cheat you, for the wife to me just divorce her if you can resist that sit with her

  7. It is evident that the wife no longer loves her husband because fluent the affair openly and the man did well by the way he handled the matter. He should forgive her if she shows remorse and promise not to do it again.

  8. I wonder why some married couple would want to cheat on their partner. What is it that the other person have that your partner does not have? Evil every where

  9. That is betrayal of friendship, how would he feels if some one or his close friend even colleague does that to his wife. It’s too bad.

  10. Hmmmmm
    Wonders shall never end. Denying ur husband sex only to give it to another person. Very bad. Some ofour women should change ooooo

  11. That’s really unfair. If she is tired of the marriage she should just file a divorce instead of bringing shame

  12. Some woman ruin the image of others. If yhur man is not satisfying yhu anymore then yhu file for divorce instead of flirting around. Man just look for another woman

  13. It’s really sad what happens in most matrimonial homes . It’s not only the men that are involved now.The women have joined them.You starve your husband yet satisfy another man.All these kind of lifestyle in marriages really makes it crash quickly.I hope they sort it out

  14. Someone people can be senseless most times. Why did you marry him then when you know you would deny him his right

  15. Men should zip up and stop cheating on they wife. And i know the woman is hurt but is not a good reason to stave him ,he will still go out and do the same to another woman

  16. This is so sad for a married woman to starve her own husband of sex while satisfying another man.They should sort themselves out and start satisfying each other.forgiveness is key in marriage

  17. Infidelity is a crime.I will advise you turn a deaf hear to any rumors and love your wife the more

  18. Wow this is not right, what is now the reason of doing marriage when you Don’t like him,well she should just that nonsense

  19. Too bad for that woman if she actually did that, denied her husband his right and given it to another man. pure wickedness that needs to be punished.

  20. Instead of cheating on her husband and starving him, why didnt she just quit the marriage or rather stay faithful

  21. This woman is useless,she is Starving her husband for sex and she is giving it to another man outside her marriage

  22. Thank you to the man for not taking matters into his hands like our Nigerian men that will look for whom to stab. I wish the court will resolve the issue. That woman no try shaa

  23. infidelity being displayed for all and sundry,wonder what she will tell her kids especially the females among them

  24. The man is be so disappointed. He should just leave the woman. As in he should send her packing

  25. This is wickedness I think the wife is a heartless woman how can you starve your husband his right of having sex with you

  26. Abomination… You are indeed a disgrace to womanhood… How could you? You should be called a dog. Oga you are indeed a mature man by not talking laws into your hands. You shameless man sleeping with another mans wife you are cursed…

  27. Unfaithfulness everywhere, why would u starve ur husband with it and rake it to another man? I think there us more to this story. God bless Nigeria

  28. Its really bad starving your hubby and feeding another, truly marriage does not cure list. May God have mercy

  29. She’s not a human being but animal the man should even say anything than to chase her out from his building and he should never accept her apology

  30. This Is serious and ridiculous! Is that Not the Same dick your husband has? If He Is Not doing it right why don’t you teach him, Than doing it outside with another man. God have mercy!

  31. Oga work on your self, so madam can enjoy you. If no satisfaction is gotten from you, what do you expect. U just saw her smooching, and you crucify her. Forgive joor


  33. She should have just quit the marriage because starving her husband and sleeping with another man at the same time is wickedness.

  34. Well… It’s good he didn’t take the laws into his hands….. And that wife of his should be ashamed of herself… She’s so ungrateful

  35. That woman is very wicked
    The man should divorce her and marry another wife, what she did is very wrong

  36. The lady is evil but the man she cheated with is devil they both need to be punished for this behavior

  37. Na wa o..some ladies are fund of that bad behavior.. The husband should carry out the proper action.

  38. That is life for you my brother, my advice for you is that you should divorce her and look for another person to marry

  39. This is a dangerous situation. She is Starving her own husband of sex, while as she is having sex with someone else. So bad.

  40. too bad not matter what spouse should never starve their partner of their sexual right it is one of the things that binds unions together

  41. Betrayal is a daily occurrence. Man pls take it easy and seek amicable solution on the matter. Sorry oo.

  42. This shouldn’t have been the next action to do man.you just have to use brain to settle it thou it not easy. But you just have to divorced her if i should be in your shoes to avoid harm

  43. Fornication is just everywhere, what else women what?
    This is making me got to understand that not a man enough for women…

  44. That’s so bad of her,you refused your own husband of sex while sleeping with another man. She deserved serious punishment for that action.

  45. This is the height of infidelity. Adultery and fornication seem to be the order of the day. No wonder marriages are hitting the rock these days. Hope her husband forgives her.

  46. What a life. What can the other man offer that the husband cannot give her. Maybe his manhood does not make her happy.

  47. Trust no body ,but your wife nid counseling and u nid to try hard in making sex wit her maybe she is not satisfy

  48. How do you want your husband to trust you in nearest futures I guess her husband should send her back to her family members

  49. First of all the man in in question should find out what is the exact problem. That is’ if they had ever have a mutual loved with each other before!.

  50. You caught your wife in the arms of another man doesn’t means she is having sex.. Anywhere I was not there.. Just find a way and make peace with her

  51. She is wrong y will she stab her husband he has the right to make love with his wife that woman is wicked

  52. Maybe the husband is not doing it well that’s why she decided to try his husband colleague. But she has to teach him instead of cheating on him

  53. Is not good to cheat on your partner if he or she is faithful to you. Though is wrong for the woman to deny her husband sex and do it with another man outside. The woman might have a reason for that but then they should find a way to work things out

  54. Let us not judge because we don’t know what is between the husband and the wife but women these days are women of wickedness

  55. Funny enough maybe you don’t know how to enter the well convincingly. Anyway its a shameful act

  56. If she doesn’t love her husband again let her leave him instead of messing around and cheating him useless woman

  57. I always think that poverty is the cause of adultery in marriage not until I grow to gain more information that someone has to have a self control to live fulfilled

  58. The man should find out what is the exact problem.This is if they had ever mutually loved each other.

  59. Does it mean that the husband wasn’t able to satisfy her?
    Then if she is ready to give the husband sex, she should demand for divorce so they’ll part..

  60. if the woman is not comfortable with the husband she should ask for divorce instead of cheating on the man that is not fair

  61. And that is the worst of it all. It’s one thing to catch you wife with another man but with your colleque of friend. That’s crazy. I feel for you man

  62. all this infidelity should stop o, if you know you have said yes just stay to it and stop all this biko

  63. That your coligue is a very evil person.That kind of person can even kill you.While the woman you called your wife, is the devil himself.Wicked set of people

  64. Thats mad
    Starving husband for sex
    And engaging in an illegal relationship
    This is witchcraft
    A good thing the husband still
    Despite the disappointment and anger
    He Still didn’t take laws into his hands
    That’s wisdom

  65. Can you imagine, having a wife that’s promiscuous is a pain in itself but to now found out she doing it with your colleague, friend or business partners is the most painful. Shameless woman you deny your hubby his conjugal right only to give it to someone else. God will judge you.

  66. That is wickedness, you’re in his house denying him his wright of fetching from his well, and allowing another man to fetch water from the well he is not allowed to fetch from.

  67. Dont destroy your marriage because of infidelity. If your husband is not capable enough,you can help him out rather than cheating in him

  68. What the hell is wrong with this woman?
    She’s heartless… How could u be flirting with your husband’s colleague?

  69. Just look at her life, you don’t want your husband with another woman but you are dating another man, this is hypocrisy in a highest order, is it not better you are sent parking, l wonder.

  70. Women won’t change with this there cheating habitat well is left to him to decide cause if I were him I’ll divorce her straight

  71. women with this there cheating habit ehn you denied your husband yet give another man out there if I were him I’ll divorce her straight

  72. Maybe he husband I no doing his work very well in the bed by leaving his wife unsatisfied or something else but that shouldn’t give her the right to cheat on him husband with his very business fellow

  73. Just too bad of her. But they should investigate her, something must wrong in her relationship with her husband.

  74. Women should be careful oh, men are scarce, if you want to play your rones is better you dont get married and when you get married stick to your husband because you will never get the type of your man again if he sleep out of your hands.

  75. Why would she deny her husband his conjugal right and still be sleeping with another man? She doesn’t deserve being a wife at all.

  76. I wonder why some married couple would want to cheat on their partner. What is it that the other person have that your partner does not have

  77. Women of nowadays are full Of surprises, is it that her husband is not a satisfy sexual that make her to start having sex with another

  78. Woman of now a days are full surprise, how can you have an husband at home and be having sexual intercourse with another man

  79. Some married woman are wicked and lack conscience, sleeping with another man while denying your husband sex

  80. That’s bad,if she’s no longer interested in the marriage, let her divorce the man instead of cheating on him.

  81. The man is trying to tell her that”body no b firewood” why would she even starve a man, her husband of what his is right and her duty.

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