Why we are singling Nigerians out for fraud investigation – Thai police

The Thai Police who announced few months few months ago that it will be visiting about 1,400 Nigerians in the country to confirm that they have no connection with criminal activities, have disclosed why they took the decision.

Why we are singling Nigerians out for fraud investigation - Thai police lailasnews 1

Speaking to newsmen, the deputy tourist police chief Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpa disclosed that the Thai police will soon conclude their focus on all 1,400 Nigerians living in Thailand. According to him, the Thai police attention was needed after “many Nigerians” were found to be taking part in romance scams deceiving Thai women.

He further recounted how five Nigerians were arrested in romance scams, where they deceived 48 Thai women out of Bt5.9 million.

We reported before now that Deputy tourist police chief Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal, said the measure is necessary for preventing criminals from coming to use Thailand as a base for illegal activities.

Surachet who urged members of the public to call the Tourist Police Bureau 1155 hotline if they detect foreigners involved in suspicious activities, also disclosed that Seventy-two foreigners including Nigerians, were arrested for allegedly overstaying their visa among other charges after tourist police and other agencies searched 75 locations across Thailand.

According to him, 11 foreigners were arrested for allegedly overstaying their visa and 46 for entering the kingdom illegally, while 15 other foreigners were arrested on other charges. Speaking during a press conference at Chana Songkram police station to announce the result of the 20th “X-ray Outlaw Foreigner” Operation Surachet said 34 similar operations have been carried out so far and 4,159 targeted areas have been searched, netting 1,904 foreigners.

Three international schools, two English language schools and 13 normal schools as well as 57 other areas have been checked by the police in its latest operation, and more than 2,000 foreigners have been blacklisted as persona non-grata.

In 2017, Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand, Nuhu Bamali, said close to 1,000 Nigerians are in prison in the Asian country of Thailand. The envoy made the shocking revelation at the Africa Gems and Jewellery Exhibition and Seminar, in Abuja. He did not give details of their offences. However, he advised Nigerians travelling outside the country to always follow the proper channels.

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