‘Why was I born in this country’ -Nigerian man laments over Immigration officials and Police experience

A Nigerian man who had a bitter experience with Nigerian police and Immigration officers in Lagos, took to Instagram to lament over being a Nigerian.

'Why was I born in this country' -Nigerian man laments over Immigration and Police experience lailasnews 1

According to @iam_minder, he got his passport for N35,000 but when he misplaced it, the Immigration officials asked him to pay N60,000 for a new one. However after he opted to report the incident to the police, the police officer at the police station who was watching ‘African Magic’ with his colleagues, asked him what kind of passport he misplaced and further told him to come back the next day because ‘he was busy’.

Here’s what he wrote below;

Ooh lord why am I born in this country, this is the photo of police station in surulere, Bode Thomas @policenglagosAre never our friends they are always very sad and unhappy u hardly see them smile, even immigration @immigrationg how can someone get passport at 35k and when you misplace it you will pay 60k this country is better of no leader.

I had the worst experience of my life today, so I need to send some of my credentials to the embassy on Monday so I went to do some photo copies of my credentials, in the process of coming back home I misplaced my international passport I can’t cry have been telling my self where will I start from where will I see 60k for renewal of the passport, even the last one I did I know what I went through before seeing the money, seriously I almost cried, so I went to the police station to lay a report, this country is fucked up, can you imagine the police officer asking me what type of international passport did I misplaced.

I told him the real international passport, can you imagine this man telling he is busy I should come tomorrow, I told him what if they use my passport for illegal stuff, he just kept mute and stop answering me, to God, this man was not doing anything he was watching African magic with his Colleague, I was just like is this the pple we are paying, I know his name but but I’m withholding it because I know if he loose his job his children will suffer it, I had to go home we need redemption in this country, please incase the passport is found name ADELAJA SAMSON OLUWADAMILARE, last seen around Rita Lori


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