Why Nigerians are hungry – Rotimi Amaechi

The Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi has stated that reason why Nigerians are hungry is because of the havoc wreaked on the nation’s economy by the previous administrations of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Why Nigerians are hungry - Rotimi Amaechi lailasnews 3
Why Nigerians are hungry – Rotimi Amaechi

They said you are hungry,” Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, said on Friday in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, during the flag-off of the APC election campaign.

“You are hungry because they stole the money. If the money was here, you wouldn’t have been hungry.”

Mr Amaechi, a former governor of Rivers is the director general of President Muhammadu Buhari re-election campaign.

Mr Buhari, accompanied by the APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole; a national leader of the party, Bola Tinubu, and some of the APC governors, was in Uyo to flag off the party’s campaign for the 2019 general elections, Premium Times reports.

Mr Buhari is seeking a second term in office.

Mr Amaechi said corruption is one of Nigeria’s major problem, and that Mr Buhari was not giving up on the anti-corruption fight.

“We got in and saw the challenges. We never knew they had stolen all the money. We thought they had a conscience to leave some money behind.

“You know, the difference between us and the other party (PDP) is that they are not saying that they are not corrupt,” the minister said

“They say we are corrupt, but APC is also corrupt. They agree that the president is not corrupt. What they are saying is those around the president are corrupt. But they agree that they are corrupt.

“We are saying as APC that we are not corrupt and that we are fighting corruption. Whether you are APC or PDP, when you are corrupt we will fight you.”

He cautioned Nigerians against voting for PDP in the 2019 elections.

“If you vote for the other party, let me tell you what will happen. They are so hungry that if they come out, they will be too busy stealing money that by the time Nigerians realise it, we are back to recession.”

Mr Amaechi said President Buhari did not promise to make the value of naira equal to a dollar, nor promised to reduce the price of petrol.

“Anybody who said we promised one naira will be to one dollar must be a magician. Anybody who said we promised we were going to bring down fuel price must also be a magician.

“We are not voodoo economists,” he said.

The minister added, “When we got in, we were mindful of the promises that we made. So, the president gave all us who were in the cabinet challenges to ensure that we rescue this country.

“We commenced activities believing that Nigerians would know that change doesn’t come that easily. Even as ministers we feel the pain of change. We know that when you want to make any change you must realise that it will come with some pain.

“We are here asking you to learn the fact that we need another chance to complete the assignment you have given to us. And we will complete it as soon as you give us that chance to come back.”

This is not the first time the ruling party will be blaming the PDP for the woes of the nation.

But ironically, many of the current APC leaders, including Mr Amaechi, were the ones running the past PDP-led administrations in the country.

During the event, the APC handed over flags to its governorship candidates in the South-south region.


  1. Can they blaming opposite party and fix the mess they have created. They are always looking for someone to blame.

  2. Which money is that?what about the ones that was retrieved from some citizens of Nigeria and yet it’s not flowing round..May God help us

  3. If it is true what has the present government done so far to improve standard of living,why don’t u get to work rather than passing blames bros no be blames we put una dere To do. Plesee do the needful

  4. Which of the country is too much what about the once that was retrieve from some of the others country are them really hungry too

  5. Him that Did not know where rain started beating him will definitely not know where it stopped. What did you know about leadership?

  6. Where is the Abacha loot money that has bn recovered, if the money is been shared among nigerians, I knw how much will get.This is just political talks

  7. That’s always the topic when it comes to time like this, but i urge Nigerians to be be careful in their decisions in the upcoming election

  8. To APC and its members, every problem is PDP manufactured. Sir, you were elected into power to proffer solution and not to keep reminding us of the cause.

  9. Go and sit down which past administration as if you are not part of it please look for another thing to say

  10. Only God can help us in Nigeria in terms of hunger. Government are not predictable. God bless Nigeria.

  11. Fighting corruption and recovering money through EFCC without showing in the economy. That’s not the change we bargain for

  12. Corruption should be included as one of the endemic diseases in Nigeria. But wait ooo, what about all those looted funds that were recovered? I’m beginning to believe that Nigeria is a secret society.

  13. Fighting corruption alone is not what will bring solution to our Nation. All I know is that in Life, you cant give what you dont have. We need good Leadership.

  14. Every body is now making a comment that will favour his own party because election is near.Let us shine our eyes before voting oooo

  15. Amaechi himself was part of the team when the so called PDP were stealing money. These Politicians! They would say anything in the name of campaigning. God is the only Messiah in Nigeria

  16. Well I think he is right cos the rate of the Hunger is really high in the past few yes he came into power

  17. Every body is now making a comment that will favour his own party because election is near.
    Let’s shine our eyes before voting ooo

  18. It’s true what Amaechi is saying but he was also PDP then. And he also has a hand in stealing the country resources.

  19. Yes o,help us beg dem to pls stop stealing our money,and help us to eradicate poverty nd hunger in dis country ,enough is enough

  20. Though u right with your statement sir, but you are not hungry is the reason why you are acting like this, all the money they restrive from looters where are those money, i pray may 2019 fruitful ooo

  21. Fighting corruption alone is not what will bring solution to our Nation. We all have a part to play.
    Let’s strive to do what we can.

  22. Crap, saying thrash up and down… when PDP was ruling there was low unemployment and now APC the level of unemployment is drastic. They couldn’t even settle the university’s staff and you want us to vote you in again

  23. Well I think there is no need fighting the shadow what this country needs right now is patriotism.

  24. Ameachi if you will be honest to yourself were you not part of those tha stole our money.if you want to campaign stop making reference with the past government.

  25. You are right though but the hunger is too much in the land may God see us true ijn,the damage has been done we need you to free us from this whole shit

  26. This old guy needs some punches on his face! What arrant rubbish talk. If previous administration actually did… What about the monies y’all recovered from the said politicians??.. Nonsense flag off.

  27. He’s talking trash, instead of you guys to accept your failure and your here putting blame on someone ,you people should fix what you change.

  28. But you (Amaechi) you were part of them then so what are you saying now, all of you caused it. Bt the way, where are the money realised during Buhari regime? No where to be found. Let stop deceiving ourselves.

  29. This blame game won’t work this time around because, there was food in the last administration, and non now

  30. Am speechless somehow but in the other way round I thank God that the news carried it that he Amachi is one of the previous government (PDP) so I rest my case.

  31. Which past administration, infact the economic harvoc that the APCs are causing now, I don’t know if Nigeria will come out of it in the next four years.

  32. Amaechi have you forgotten that if not that APC won last presidential election you would have been in jail. Bunch of thieves.

  33. Every true and correct sir we are hungry because they stole the money. If the money was here, you wouldn’t have been hungry.”

  34. They stole money? Is it not in this present government that animals were reportedly stealing money from different offices? The animals are they not humans, so what’s he saying… They should leave the past government alone.

  35. Mr rotemi stop talking trash…you people have been there since the past four years..what have you people done…next year power must change hand

  36. These guys keeps spewing trash. Always playing the blame game. When will they even get tired? God help us.

  37. Blaming past administration continually will not solve the problem, rather they should profer solution, after all Amechi were also in pdp.

  38. But ironically, many of the current APC leaders, including Mr Amaechi, were the ones running the past PDP-led administrations in the country. So they can try hard to deceive us but we are not giving in to them.

  39. Yes the stole our money, what happened to the ones recovered by your party. Let’s stop pointing accusing fingers and do the right thing. Nigeria is one of the richest country but the so called leaders our wasting and making life difficult

  40. He said they stole our money,he should tell us the ”they” that stole the money so we can go and get it back

  41. Imagine Rotimi saying trash. Well, I ve used the most corrupt politician so far. please let him go and have a seat PdP were stealing money yet things was a bit OK for us. Then comes a APC fighting corruption and things became this bad. Nigerian’s please let all this stop in this 2018.

  42. You did not meet money but remember the money spent on the president for all his travel and tours. No N1, one naira was kept. When you are pointing one finger, four is pointing at you. This past 4 years was not enough for you??? How many community have you developed?? Money is not there but 10k is being showered on market women recently because of upcoming election. God will deliver Nigeria.

  43. Since it’s the havoc caused by the previous administration, why haven’t you fixed for four good and uninterrupted years now. That is not a good excuse for failing Nigerians.

  44. Putting blame on the opposition party will and them nowhere. When they have a good campaign method instead of deceiving Nigerians maybe we will listen to them.

  45. Lolz… Same old story! So how come it’s worse than you met it? We were hungry then but we’re definitely more hungry now… Promise and fail people!

  46. I dont believe our president Buhari has been successful in his fight against corruption. Let our government arise and eradicate poverty once and for all in this nation

  47. You have spoken well, but you were also part of last administration that brought Nigeria to its present condition..

  48. Nawa ooo. APc still blaming Pdp for there failure to deliver instead of bringing newer strategies to improve the economy

  49. How can APC still be putting blames on PDP after 4 years in power that is not funny. Saying that Nigeria are hungry because of what PDP have caused, please let go

  50. He is not competent to say this, it is almost 4years now and this current administration is still blaming the previous administration for the for the things that has happened in this administration, this clearly show that they are incompetent.

  51. APC government have spend almost four years, they re still shifting blame of precious administration. They re already a failure. There was no hungry in the country during PDP government

  52. All the politicians should stop preaching this their old same story. During election ,they will promise us heaven and earth which they will never fulfill

  53. Me I am tired of all this accusations and counter accusations. Please what Nigerians need is action and not talk blah blah blah.

  54. Enough of the blame game, you people have been in power for the past three years, yet nothing to show for it except increased poverty

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