Why my ex can’t be comfortable with another lady – Olive Isioma Utalor

Nollywood actress, Olive Isioma Utalor, has said, from her contribution into the life of her ex -boyfriend, he can never be comfortable with another lady.

She made this statement while speaking in an interview with Sunday Sun, where she also revealed that she left him because he couldn’t take care of her in the royalty way.

Why my ex can’t be comfortable with another lady – Olive Isioma Utalor

Read excerpts from the interview:

Are you in a serious relationship at the moment?

I have always been a low-key person in terms of relationship. I broke up with my guy because he couldn’t take very good care of me. Though, he loves me, I need a perfect man.

Perfect man? Please explain better.

Like I always say, any lady that walks out on you when you have nothing; loves you. Just that poverty won’t let you understand. I left my boyfriend for him to level up and I know he would come back to me, because he loves me so much.

What gives you the confidence that he would come back to you?

Because I know he loves me and I am special to him. Nobody has my smile, I’m special and unique in everything I do.

But you left him…?

I am not denying my love for him. The very beginning of the relationship was magical. Everything went on well as he supported my dreams and became a solid backbone to me financially. Every woman would dream of such kind of man. But the tide of life has changed and I had to change with it.

Since you love him this much and you know he loves you as well, why didn’t you stick with him and help him succeed?

Sometimes love needs to be appreciated so it can blossom and give benefits in return. He is a good man but I need to be treated royally because I am a queen. Mind you, I supported him with my prayers or what kind of support is bigger than that? Sometimes, I fast for seven days in a stretch for him, so what other kind of support does anyone need to be successful?

Can you go into any relationship at the moment or you want to wait till he comes back for you?

Of course, I can. We are not married yet. All I am saying is that he won’t be comfortable with another lady just like he was with me.


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