Why it’s important to date for long before proposal – Man shares experience

A Ghanaian man, Victor Asemota, while wading into the Jemima Osunde saga on social media, has stated the reason why it is important to date your partner for a long time before proposal and settling for marriage.

If you recall, actress Jemima had called out a man who reportedly got engaged 10 months after he couldn’t get her to be his girlfriend. Her post on Twitter might have not gone the way she planned as many people blasted her for being bitter.

Why it’s important to date for long before proposal – Man shares experience

But in his post, Victor mentioned that it is not the proposal that matters, but the time the couple spent in knowing each other, before finally agreeing to marry each other.

He wrote:

I met my wife at a dinner with my friend @MikeOmoigui. I had actually gone there for the Zain (now Airtel) MobileMoney Launch which was done together with UBA. It was March. I proposed to her shortly after her birthday in June. The way it all happened was unplanned.

I went to Orlando to go look at houses to buy as the American real estate market had crashed and condos were going for cheap. I got there are I realized it was really bad and HOA fees + Tax would kill me first. I was thinking of what to do and went to Florida Mall.

As I got in, I saw the jeweler “Bellagio” and for some reason, there was this set of rings that stood apart and the sales lady put them on for me to see. I had decided I was going to marry the girl I had met 3 months before and told myself this would be nice for when I propose.

I got back to Accra for her birthday in one of the almost superhuman feats I have ever performed. Virgin almost made me miss it but that is a story for another day and Why I stopped using Virgin. I took a cab from Manchester Airport to Heathrow not to miss my flight and got home.

I got her a Kermit The Frog doll from Disney as it was a joke shortly after we met that if she kissed me, I would turn from a frog into a prince. I got her an actual frog but didn’t give her the ring. She finally kissed me and I became her Prince 🙂

Some days later, she was telling me that I just sneaked into her heart without proper courtship and I told her that I was there for keeps. She asked what I meant? I brought out the ring. She laughed so hard and said I was joking and maybe I had bought it for someone else earlier.

She didn’t believe me and I told her the ring was hers anytime she accepts. We put it inside my safe and she traveled to France a few months later for her MBA at INSEAD. I started going to see her there every month. We Skyped for hours daily as well.

Once in a while, she would ask to see her ring? I will bring it out and show her then we would both laugh. I went back to Florida to resize it for her. I showed her the receipts that I actually bought it after I met her. One day in July the next year, she asked us to fix a date.

13 months after I first proposed, she accepted. I had to go visit her every month and that was what really made her fall and not the ring. It was not the proposal that mattered but the relationship we had built. I understand very well why she was careful. We had to communicate.

We spend hours talking to each other daily. It was important. We had to get to know each other.

I am happy it took that long for her to make up her mind. I worked hard to prove myself worthy and still do so daily. I promised her I would woo her daily for the rest of my life.

I kiss her daily and take pictures of her. I make sure we speak for an hour no matter where I am.

So, @JemimaOsunde please wait for 13 months or 26 if you want. It is for a lifetime.


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