Why I returned €37,000 to owner – Corporal Bashir Umar

Corporal Bashir Umar, of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has given the reason why he returned €37,000 – roughly N15 million – which someone lost at the Aminu Kano Airport, in Kano.

While speaking Daily Trust on Saturday, he narrates the events before – and after – his incredible act of honesty.

Why I returned €37,000 to owner – Corporal Umar

He said:

We were coming back from patrol, in the evening. I saw an envelope on the side of the road, then I picked it up. I was with other people, but I refused to let them know what was inside the envelope. I saw a phone number on the envelope, so when we got back to the barracks, I called it. A man answered, and I told him we found a package, and he responded that ‘yes, a brown envelope, with the name Alhaji Ahmed written on it!’
Then he said the enveloped belonged to him, and that we should meet that evening, to which I said no problem, that he should come to the Air Force Base and collect the money. The man came, parked his car outside, and I went to meet him.
I then gave him the package, and he told me the contents, €37,000, which he counted and confirmed was complete. He was very grateful, and asked me what reward I wanted from him, because I have assisted him greatly, adding that not many people would have returned the money. I told him I don’t need anything from him, because my job pays for all my needs.
I told him he lost his property, I found it, and now I have returned it, simple. So, he left. Later, we were discussing it with my course mate Abubakar, who is also my roommate, as he heard me talking with the owner of the money on the phone, and how I said he should and collect it. It was Abubakar who started telling people; that was how information about what happened got out.
When he was asked if it ever cross his mind to keep the money, he said:

Not for a second in my mind did I think to keep it, because my father has always taught me not to touch other people’s property, as he’s also warned me against taking drugs and womanizing. That’s why I don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to me. So, I’ve always kept my promise to my dad.

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