Why I date older men – Actress Cynthia Shalom

Nollywood actress Cynthia Shalom has opened up on the reason why she prefers to date older men.

Speaking in an interview with Inside Nollywood, the winner of the 2015 Next Movie Star reality TV show stated that her partner is 17 years older than she is and he fulfills all three essential dating qualities a woman seeks in a man.

Why I date older men – Actress Cynthia Shalom

She said:

“Dating or marrying an older man is an individual preference. What you like won’t be what I like. What is important in a relationship is love and understanding. Are you guys good with each other? Do you bring yourself peace? If all these are positive, then age is just a number.

“I don’t have age limit in relationship. What I look out for is a connection. If my connection with you is fine, then we are good to go. When I mean connection, it has to be everything; we have to connect physically, intellectually, and sexually.

So, once I have those three, I’m good. I also prefer an older man because he’s got more experience than I do. Currently, he (my lover) is like 17 years older than I am, and it’s beautiful. He doesn’t look his age; he even has six-packs (laughs). The connection is awesome and I have also learned from them. I can’t have any challenges in any sphere of life. But then, I don’t see anything wrong with people dating younger guys.”

From all ramifications, Miss Shalom looks classy and fashionable, but there are certain clothes she wouldn’t want to be caught wearing.

“I am not so fashionable though. Yes, I’m an actor and fans expect more from me. However, fashion for me is my comfort. So, once I put on a clothe and I am comfortable, trust me I am good to go. I have never been caught putting on a bikini; I actually want to, but it has to be in the right place. If you catch me wearing a bikini at a pool side, know that it is serving its purpose,” she says

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