Why I chose a Muslim running mate – Gov el-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, on Tuesday cleared the air on the emergence of Dr. Hadiza Balarabe, his Muslim running mate for the 2019 governorship election in the state.

The governor, who received in audience the people of Sanga Local Government Area who were at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House, Kaduna, on a thank-you visit for picking their daughter, said the choice of his running mate was based on competence and performance.

Why I chose a Muslim running mate - Gov el-Rufai lailasnews 2
Why I chose a Muslim running mate – Gov el-Rufai

He explained that under his administration, there was no room for religious or sentiments in deciding who to appoint into any office in the state, the Punch reports.

“Muslim-Muslim ticket is not a religious ticket but a competent and performance ticket,” the governor said.

El-Rufai had told critics of the Muslim-Muslim ticket that the Government House was not a place for worship but where people work.

The governor added that most of his Muslim-Muslim ticket critics were those who did not vote for him in the 2015 governorship election in the state.

“The people that have criticised me most on this are people who never voted me in the first place. So, are they not supposed to be celebrating it?

“In their own opinion, I have made a wrong choice. Then, why are they mourning?” he asked.

Earlier, the paramount ruler of Numana in Sanga LG where Dr. Hadiza Balarabe hails from, Brigadier-General Aliyu Yamma (Rtd), said the choice of their daughter had given them the hope of being in government.

He sad successive administrations had forgotten the people of the area as far as participation in government was concerned.

“The governor couldn’t have made a better choice than the selection of Hadiza.

“We now feel a sense of belonging in Kaduna government. We are just like Black Americans in Kaduna State,” he said.


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  1. Just trying to make excuses for his choice of selection, if there was sentiment in selection he should taken into consideration what other would say when he pick his running mate

  2. This is just a propaganda. We all know that you are a political bigot and that has be clouded your choice and sense of reasoning too.

  3. Competence is a major though no doubt but kaduna is not a fully Islamic state . I’m not in total support of the Muslim-Muslim ticket

  4. El Rufai should know that his moves would be increasingly viewed from a religious point of view if he wins, especially security matters.

  5. Yes it good to choose good person that will work with you but my annoyance is if it was a Christian man made this kind of choice, Muslims no go accept it

  6. and later you hear el rufai call someone a religious and tribalistic bigot and we ask ourselves ”what other kind of religious bigotry is more than this?” He even had the audacity to say that and i quote “Muslim-Muslim ticket is not a religious ticket but a competent and performance ticket,” meaning Christians are not competent enough? sometime i look at this politicians and laugh because they think they’re using the heads of dullards not knowing they the politicians are only spared because of the office they hold and the circumstances they’ve pulled around their various offices and homes. kaduna is no way a muslim state neither is it a christian state, so if positions are to be vied for, it should be balanced in a way that no member of the both religious groups will be aggrieved. we dont even remember those that practice other form of worship other than islam and Christianity, i guess those are the minority groups and dont always have a say

  7. Should we be judged by religious beliefs or by personality in serving the nation. What is the benefits of having two individuals from different religions who will not deliver and to have individuals from the same group and deliver?

  8. there should be not sentiment of religion discrimination is not good even the rule of law state so there should be no discrimination

  9. He’s actually correct when he said the environment isn’t a worship centre but an office. Let what is right be done. All we need is love, unity and good life.

  10. Well is not a bad thing if he chose from his tribe ,but putting it in people thinking ,there will assume something else ,he should do well that all we ask ok

  11. That shouldn’t a be a matter of debate. The honourable governor is at liberty to pick any one he feels to as long as it is in line with the law. I thing the underline problem is his choosing a woman instead, religion is just a cover.

  12. That shouldn’t be a matter of debate as long as the honourable governor is in line the law. I think the underline problem is his choosing a woman instead, religion is just a cover.

  13. Position vied for in this country should be balanced. This is simply bigotry. What does he mean by Muslim to Muslim ticket. Are Muslims the only competent people there in kaduna. You are the just a fanatic

  14. We just need competent and honest people who are God fearing to steer the boat of the nation. There should not be religious sentiment for political positions.

  15. Honestly I didn’t buy this idea of Muslim-muslim ticket. The religion of Islam teaches justice El rufai cannot says there is no competence Christian he can select as running mate. Let justice be justify according to the justification of justice. My opinion.

  16. Politics is much more then religion rather a call to service, picking a Muslim as a running mate has to do with competent and l think it was his reason of picking her

  17. Hmmmm Congrat to you for shoosing who you think is best for you to work with. You have made your choice so please no need for noise making I beg .

  18. The wailer of success most bear it this time because they were been defeated by the Governor that the ticket Muslim – Muslim is not religion and government house is not place of worship that is a place of works.

  19. Mr man no one is saying that you made a political wrong choice but indirectly you are planning to organize Nigeria starting fr9m your state. Such deciisi9n have neVr occured before

  20. Religion don’t have to be a problem, we are one Nigeria despite the type of religion. We should be considering integrity here and competent not religion. I see no wrong in his choice of running mate please

  21. Does it mean that,Muslim are more reliable than non_Muslims. You can’t tell what is in the heart of a man whether Muslim or not,what if he turns out to be non competent.

  22. What really matter in leadership office is the competency of the person and not gender, religion or political affiliation.

  23. This is not good please. He is rulling a state where there are two strong religion there so all religions is supposed to Be treated fairly. He’s supposed to pick a Christian not a Muslim please.

  24. The interesting part about it is that he has selected a woman to be his running mate but that notwithstanding, politicians are all liars.

  25. “competence and has good performance” is one of the qualities you need in a good leader. Congrats on the choice you made. Religion should not be the choice in choosing a leader. Nice one.

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