“Why I almost bleached my skin” – Actress, Linda Osifo opens up

Nollywood actress Linda Osifo has revealed why she considered bleaching her skin while growing up.

In an exclusive interview with TVC, Linda she grew up in Canada and had experienced racial stigma blur because of the colour of her skin.

She also disclosed that she almost bleached her skin before she moved back to Nigeria. She also said it wasn’t easy for her moving from a stable country to an in developed country.

“Well, it’s been almost eight years coming and I think time is what helps. You know, time is what creates experience, though it wasn’t easy at first and of course I wanted to go back, but thanks to patience and consistency.

“Moving from a country with stability and electricity wasn’t easy at all, but in 2015 I said to myself, “Be yourself, it will help you” and that’s what makes you stand out when you are yourself because there is no one else who is like you.

”You see, with this topic that you mentioned it’s so controversial and I absolutely love it. I’ve been through a rollercoaster with it. When I first started, of course living in Canada the system is quite different, I felt the racial effect. I felt it so drastically because I wasn’t just black, I was darker completion of that black and I had a lot of stigmas.”

“I was discriminated as a young girl, I had tried to bleach at one time. I tried to use a lighter cream but when I came to Nigeria, I started seeing more people like myself, more people who looked like me, who are just like me and I started appreciating myself, in fact, I’ve been looking for a way to get darker because I want to be that typical African woman.”


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