Why Eva Alordiah stopped making music

Remember the music diva, Eva Alordiah, who stormed the scene in the year 2009? Ever wondered why she stopped making music?

Why Eva Alordiah stopped making music

The Nigerian rapper, entertainer, make-up artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur has taken to social media to reveal why she stopped making music.

32-year-old, Eva Alordiah was one of the most-listened-to Nigerian female rappers at some point in the country.

She shared the stage with popular Nigerian artists and was on a track with P-Square. However, she stopped making music abruptly then moved to Ghana.

On Instagram today, Jan 8, she explained why she stopped making music after a fan asked.

“I still don’t know why you stopped making music,” the fan commented on her latest post.

And Eva responded, “I stopped to get back to my core essence. I stopped for me.”

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