Who stabbed MC Oluomo? Sego, the suspect finally speaks

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Mustapha Adekunle aka Sego, the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) official, who allegedly stabbed MC Oluomo, the state Treasurer of the Union has opened up.

The police had declared him wanted over the fracas that occurred at an All Progressives Congress (APC) event in Lagos on Tuesday.

Sego, man who allegedly stabbed MC Oluomo finally speaks lailasnews 2
Sego, man who allegedly stabbed MC Oluomo finally speaks

Adekunle was accused of “attempting to disrupt the rally” held at the Skypower Grounds, Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ikeja

Speaking to The Nation, Sego challenged the police to release the video evidence for the world to see.

Sego said:

“Whoever has any videotape of Sego unleashing mayhem on people should let the world see it. Whosoever has any evidence against Sego should come forward with it. That’s what I want.

“Anybody can fight for his right with his mouth by speaking against what he feels is not right. Besides, employing the use of a weapon is against the law and nobody on Tuesday can say he or she saw me with any weapon.

“For emphasis, I did not hold any weapon on that day. I only spoke against what is not right. I went to the rally as a member of Team Lagos and not on behalf of the union. I have been a party member since 1999 and we have been in Team Lagos since then.

“Go and ask Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Senator Gbenga Ashafa, Oba Demola Elegushi, APC state Chairman Tunde Balogun and King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal what Team Lagos stands for. I was at the rally under the banner of Team Lagos. Agbede came under the banner of the union (NURTW).”

Meanwhile, some NURTW officials and members in Oshodi have accused Lagos State Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal of bias in handling of the matter.

The Organising Secretary, Berger Unit, at Oshodi, Semiu Omosansan, condemned the Police for declaring Sego wanted.

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  1. So….yhu have not done proper investigation before declaring someone a suspect and wanted. I know the culprit will be apprehended soon by God’s grace
    Quick recovery mc oluomo

  2. if he’s not guilty of the crime,why did he absconded when he suppose to be on ground to be with the family and join in praying for his quick recovery

  3. That’s right, at least a video coverage of the rally should b available. And it should be able to capture the stabbing moment . I support u Kunle,sego.

  4. Been a suspect does not mean his guilty…. But I advise the police carry on proper investigations about the case

  5. Corruption is everywhere, why is it that a union organization will be affliated with a political party? Just asking

  6. You don’t just accuse one this days, alot of people are sure of one who has committed so many offences but because they dont have evidence they have remained quiet. So I suggest they should come with evidence and not just to say it.

  7. Since the police do not a concrete evidence against him, they don’t have any right to declare him wanted.

  8. Is indeed a crowd ed area. We will definitely find out by the special grace of God. Well, evidence will surface since you say u are not the perpetrator of such evil act.

  9. The man had already said what is on his maind right now, and anybody that had the video should come out and show it to the people’s

  10. Is indeed a crowd ed area. We will definitely find out by the special grace of God. Well, evidence will surface since you say u are not the perpetrator of such evil act.

  11. He need to report to police authority as required to clear himself so as avoid another blood bath in future.

  12. Since no evidence/video of him doing this, they should keep investigating the casing, no one should be hold in ransom for this stabbing

  13. The police should thoroughly investigate this case and fish out the true culprit so the person will be punished accordingly. Quick recovery mc Oluomo

  14. How can they declare him wanted without any evidence, let them bring out one if there is or someone is taking advantage of the situation.

  15. I agree with what Sego said. If the police have evidence to prove that he was the one that stabbed MC Oluomo then let them show it. They shouldnt do things with favouritism

  16. This one he’s denying it.The who did? The police and security personnel should just do their job and arrest those behind the act.And those with evidence should come forward

  17. No body knows the truth so the police should try there best to do their job and investigate the matter properly

  18. Simple… I stand with him.. Let them. Release it out we too want to see and hear what ever happened

  19. Yes sego you says the truth and your mind why can anybody accuse you of that anybody that think his the 1 should find some prove

  20. Yea, i think he is right.
    He should be proven guilty with evidence..
    But anyone that killed him will be exposed.

  21. police force should thoroughly investigate the case and fish out the true culprit, and the person should be punished accordingly. Quick recovery MC Oluomo

  22. The police should do their job please to investigates the matter very carefully in other to get the final truth

  23. This guy is right. Proper investigation should be taken to know who actually killed the man instead of pointing accusing finger at the wrong person

  24. If anybody has evidence let him. Or her present it to the police so as this matter will be clear to the whole world simple

  25. if he’s not guilty of the crime,why did he absconded when he suppose to be on ground to be with the family and join in praying for his quick recovery

  26. They should just investigate the thing well and stop tainting people’s image. Not even a proof to back up their allegations.

  27. He can’t be accused without evidence,there should be prove before anything.or else they should end it in court

  28. Where’s the evidence to the accusation
    His right, anyone with the video clip should show face otherwise he should be release

  29. I support this too if he’s guilt they should look for evidence against him not just any rumor we need concrete evident because he let his opinion known about governor elect that doesn’t mean is the one in charge of the fight we all have right to speak

  30. Why is nobody talking about those shot dead, ❓
    Why is it that the only topic is MC wounded on the neck the only topic of discussion ❓ are those dead less human❓

  31. The perpetrators will be caught soon and everything will be made known to us… I wish Oluomo quick recovery

  32. Its possible he is even innocent,its just an accuse person until proven quilty.They should investigate very well and find out the truth .

  33. This is a period when politicians do not wish their rivals well and will do their best to ensure they don’t see the light of the day

  34. It’s going to be difficult to point fingers at this event except someone caught him in the act and present evidence. Hmm! Naija

  35. U Berra pray hard, they might put it all on u even if there is no evidence against u, APC and lies

  36. So I suggest they should come with evidence and nUnbearable not until we see the evidence to proof it.I wish you quick recovery MCot just to say it.

  37. If he is found wanting he should face the full Weight of the law..he should be investigated 1st b4 jumping into conclusion.

  38. sego shouldnt be accused wrongly, the police officers should do proper investigation before accussing him

  39. I believe the police just want to frame up a suspect. They should really show the world a video evidence showing this man as a suspect

  40. I think proper investigation should be conducted, if he’s found guilty, he should be given proper punishment

  41. Yes if there’s any evidence, it should be provided… It’s against the law to punish an accused except on the ground where found guilty

  42. If they think he did it then they should go on and arrest him, what evidence don’t get have against him

  43. Even if he did it, I never expected him to come forward to claim he did it . I think whoever that has the video tape of the incident to come forward in helping the police in this case

  44. why did he absconded when he suppose to be on ground to be with the family and join in praying for his quick recovery

  45. The fact that sego did not come under the association NURTW but represent Team Lagos doesn’t mean he can’t carryout another mission. My suggestion is that the police should continue with their investigation.

  46. They want to arrest an innocent person because it’s part of their plan
    They should conduct a proper investigation already

  47. The accused may be innocent ,this is a mare suspect, there are no evidence to show that he is the one who did it, now he is challenging any one caught him to come up.

  48. Do you think anybody will believe this story of yours? Anyways, investigation has already started…..


  50. well who has any evidence should present it please and thank God investigation is been carried out

  51. Sentiment should not be applied here. Let the police do thorough nvestigation on tjis matter. This is a show of shame.

  52. I pray for God’s healing hands on the victim. Proper investigation should be carried out carefully before judging anyone.

  53. They know themselves and they know how to handle each other. The Nigerian police should be very faithful at carrying out their investigation.

  54. The police should learn to take a proper investigation before declaring somebody wanted to avoid giving a dog a bad name

  55. Who we go come believe now? Police or sego who is claiming. He didn’t hold any weapon at the rally and wasn’t the shooter? Abeg make police release the full video to the media make we see wetin really happen

  56. Adequate prove need to be gathered to know the actual person that commit that offence to avoid apprehending innocent persons to suffer

  57. He is right. They should provide a concrete evidence for accusing him. It shouldn’t just be base on his speech

  58. The people that said it was sego that stabbed oluomo shd pls provide evidence or we have no case here

  59. As usual, the policemen looking for a scapegoat to pin the crime on. They’ll never conduct a proper investigation.

  60. Evidence of proof is very crucial in this case to identify who actually carried out the outrageous act.

  61. if lies run for hundred years, truth will definitely catch up with him in a day, whosoever stab him sooner he will be known

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