“Who is your dear” – Toke Makinwa ask people who call her ‘dear’ and ‘sis’

Popular Media girl Toke Makinwa has made a controversial assertion via her official Twitter page.

Toke Makinwa advised her fans on the best way of communicating with people who they are not friends with.

According to Toke, using endearing words on strangers is unacceptable and appalling to her, especially from people who are younger than her.

Toke advised people to stop using “dear” on people who aren’t in their circle as she asked people to use her name instead of endearing names.

She tweeted; “Nothing makes me cringe as much as hearing a younger person use “dear” to address me,even worse if we are not friendly, stop using endearing words for people who are not in your circle, who is your “dear”? Use my name or just say hello/hi, you don’t know me that well.”

“I am not so big on respect but if there’s a good 15 years between us and I am not your buddy, just say hi/hello or use my name, endearments are sometimes too familiar or is it the African in me jumping out, I’m open to this discussion” she added.

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