White lady dragged on social media by black women for braiding her hair

A white lady has received the unexpected treatment from black women on social media for braiding her hair.

The lady had taken to her page to post a beautiful photo of her braided her only to be rebuffed by the black women on twitter who claimed she was only blackfishing and trying to become a black woman.

White lady dragged on social media by black women for braiding her hair

See their reactions to her photo:

*** and called ghetto for these braids everyday ? Do you know that black women are told to take these braids out with jobs ? Do you know that two little black girls were almost expelled for not removing them

*** so black Americans who don’t like to relate as Africans are the same people antagonizing someone for carrying braids??????????? these women are their own enemies

*** You are beautiful, with that being said you are in fact blackfishing. By wearing this hairstyle & making your skin appear to be bronze/tan/darker. Which is CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. Our hairstylists are beautiful & our skin glow naturally but magic can not be copied and pasted.

*** At this point, these white people who love #blackfishing and appropriating the cultures of other races, are simplying doing the shit on purpose. These days, people will literally do ANYTHING for likes and views. ANYTHING for attention. Even bad attention. Trolls don’t care.
*** As a hairstylist , I get Hispanic clients all the time .If anything they’re infatuated by the styles we do , they think it’s beautiful . Never is stealing the culture on their mind. Its just sad how nonblack Girls are scared to rock braids , when it’s simply , just a hair style
*** Will there ever be a world where we could all borrow and use the best part of each others culture and not be accused of stealing. Remember we are humans first before our skin colour.

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