‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother?’ – Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma

A Nigerian woman identified as Emil Rock on Facebook, doesn’t seem to be impressed by any of the trending affairs between Chioma and her boyfriend, Davido. The woman in a rant on the social media platform has called out Chioma’s mother – saying she is stupid.

‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother’ - Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma lailasnews

According to her, she is so surprised that a woman would allow her daughter to frolic in public at her tender age and not with just a morally upright man, but with Davido whom she regarded as a manner-less, violent, loud mouthed, morally bankrupt boy and so undeserving of an Igbo girl like beautiful Chioma.

Her comment reads:

Where’s this stupid girl’s mother? So this your child has grown sooo big for you to be corrected & directed? What a family. So this mannerless, violent, loud mouthed, morally bankrupt boy is the best thing that can happen to your daughter? You are truly an igbo woman; ‘money covers it all’ is your sign post. May the good Lord bless your weakness & over indulgence.

Davido’s beloved girlfriend, Chioma, has been trending online for the past two days after her billionaire Singer boyfriend, Davido got her a N45million Porsche car as birthday gift.

Pictures of Davido's brother Adewale Adeleke's traditional wedding in Calabar

‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother’ - Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma lailasnews 2

The two lovebirds who are so crazy about each other, took over social media, with their public display of affection, serving everyone the couple goals with cute selfies, tongue licking, French kisses and what have you.

The super star even had a song titled Assurance and fully dedicated to Chioma. The song was released on April 30th, which coincidentally was her birthday.

However there is another rising controversy on the special car gift that has been reported to be worth N45 million, but a recent fact finding by an online medium has revealed the real worth of the Porsche cayenne to be just between N10-20 million.


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  1. Why is this mama calling someone’s daughter stupid? Is your own relationship better? What did you achieve when you were Chioma’s age? How come the whole matter suddenly became your cup of tea. Bad belle everywhere.

  2. some women who haven’t received recharge card dey vex oh….the constitution says 21 is adult age ..so you can only advise her you can’t beat her

  3. Madam attention monger be the good mother to your good daughter if you have any and let chioma’s mother be the stupid mother to the stupid girl…
    Apart from money, love can make us all, especially ladies, do silly things

  4. Chika the best commenter ever where are you?! I visited Laila’s today to read your amazing comments… You always on point!

    • Wow Tony! Thanks a whole bunch, you’ve been one true fan and in fact, air-conditioner, lol, ‘ppreciate your kind words.

      Y.A.K…you already know, the time difference between Nigeria and Jersey is a huge factor, plus that one has got busy.

      So glad to hear from you. Have a nice day.

  5. It’s the woman that’s stupid, so she wants to tell me that she won’t allow her daughter to date Davido or what, Mtcheew some people can be jealous in this world.

  6. The Chioma girl is truly stupid if:

    (a) she has been with him 5 years and still recently Davido came out to announce that he was not ready for marriage with her. Nigeria is a society where the marriage institution reigns supreme, plus, she supposedly comes from a respectable family.

    (b) she was with Davido before and after he “rendered” the other ladies “baby-mamas” (look at the kind of bashing Sofia Momodu is ‘collecting’ shamefully. And, Davido has been screaming for so long that he wants her to be preggy with a boy, that is to say, make her baby-mama number 4 abi?

    (c) he has turned her into a ‘fame-whore’ by reason of her ‘acqaissence’, which in law, logic and jurisprudence means, the reluctant acceptance, consent or toleration of something without protest.

    (d) her fame-struck behaviour is more than stupid to me in the sense that, he professes to love her so much yet, quickly goes on TV to denounce any mention of engagement or marriage with the Stupid Chioma.

    There are lots more, but le me cease it right here, except to say a little more that, everyone ‘yaking’ against the woman now, what she at her age can see sitting down, all the young people rapping, cannot see standing up. And so far, to all the youths, it’s all good until he gives her HIV or one other incurable ailment, then all of you will “change mouth”

    And one last one b4 I shika out of here…that car is not brand new, its 2010, that is why he (Davido showed just the front with the deceitful plate number. Davido is loaded, if he loves her so much as he paints the town red with, why is it difficult to buy her a brand new car? Just why people? Tomorrow when he dumps her, all y’all rapping like Jay-z today will ‘fast’ turn on her with unkind words that may even drive her to suicide.

    Chioma, I say this to you today, if and when Davido dumps you in future which is not unlikely, because of who he is and how so much you two have flaunted this relationship, you are gonna be so hard hit, mark these words somewhere that I Chika said so. For now, enjoy it while it lasts.

    I welcome anyone to come under this comment instead of write what counteracts it, shows you are just but an airhead.

    • YESSS CHIKAAAA! You see people this is what I’m talking about! Chika is forever dropping truth bombs with her comments! Always such a pleasure to read the wisdom she bestows. You all need to take note Chika is the BEST!!

    • Lol @chika is back with her dissenting opinions that make sense sha. Na when she get HIV or HPV na that time all these people running mouth u will see them abuse her to her grave. Make una dey run mouth and craze for money and fame, time will tell

  7. Since the day social media came to existence,some people just feel they are demi gods and can decide to dictate other peoples life on how to leave. Learn to mind ur biz , its her life,her choice,her biz,focus on yours and your family.

  8. The woman to me sounded like an angry bitter lady who derive pleasure from talking down on others, Davido may not be perfect but he is bold enough to show public affection, and all of those thinking this Chioma is”Stupid” should she reject the gifts or broke up with Davido and start dating your brother? anyway it is them I’ll blame who decided to make public their relation thereby giving all these Mr&Mrs perfect/know it all to speak trash.

    • This dannyboboh what comes off your head, what you type here shows how poor in acquisitions and in the brain you are. You must be one very poverty stricken and low educated person, otherwise you would understand what the woman was saying. The result of her shenanigan is not now but in future or soon. And may result in her personal destruction. And when that time comes, you will use this same foul mouth you are using now to spur her on to deride her.

      If you are well fed, well educated and come from a comfortable family, you will understand the woman and all the other people speaking against her poor choices. What you say here tells me your level

  9. This woman is just a bitter jealous fellow. What’s her problem? She should advice herself already.

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