When is school resuming, I miss sex badly – Lady writes on Facebook

A young lady who is apparently on holidays has written on Facebook on how she missed sex badly and wanted to know when school is resuming.

When is school resuming, I miss sex badly - Lady writes on Facebook lailasnews 4
When is school resuming, I miss sex badly – Lady writes on Facebook

The lady identified as Daisy Nelly from NairobIi, Kenya, shared a picture of herself on her profile and was not shy to open up to her friends on her sexual cravings.

She wrote;

Oh my!!! I miss intercourse walai. When are we opening school. Dryspell ni real.

It looks like the social media has given so many young people the medium to express, even their deepest thoughts, that would have rather been kept to themselves.

Just yesterday, a Ghanaian slay queen went viral across Instagram after she made a video of herself openly inviting guys for sex in exchange for money.


  1. That is too bad, she dont even ashame of saying such kind of things, you better change from that abit before it is too late for you

  2. Interesting there’s no need of waiting for white collar job anymore, but you should have think about tomorrow, your future is very important to you and your family, don’t u think you will feel like settle down and build home raisin child one day, plz all this is a temporary luxury that takes an everlasting luxury from you , you can’t end your life this way,,, Repent God is oft forgiven and most merciful

  3. Internet has made people disregard their privacy, everything is now being revealed online. No one is a saint but somethings are better left in our hearts unsaid.

  4. Why waiting for school to resume you should be doing it without waiting for school to resume no shame at all yeye pikin

  5. I don’t even understand this girl self
    What is this would turning into???
    My God have mercy on you

  6. What is all this for God’s sake, her parents will think they still have a good child, I pray she’s not their first born sha

  7. So hilarious, so absurd. Well it’s her life so let her live it to the fullest because this kind of girl Will not adhere to advice.

  8. She is inviting HIV, are there not men at home or she one of this girls that claims good girls when at home?

  9. May God have mercy upon you , you are not ashame of saying this , tie men on your waste so you can move around with them.

  10. Hmmmm! Hello girl you must not let the whole world know that you your crazy for sex. At least have a little shame and respect for your self ok

  11. Beautiful nonsense. What’s this world turning into. I think it’s time to start making some arrest and giving some persons serious counseling

  12. This can only come out from kids who their parents lock them up in the house and never take out time to have an understanding convasation with their kids..

  13. This is absolutely nonsense , requesting for sex on social media , this world is turning to something else

  14. I thought unemployment was a problem only in Nigeria, I never knew it has it’s roots in countries like this. I will say it again, it is only unemployment that can make someone act like this!

  15. Foolish useless girl, must she come to social media to announce her ill manners?. I dont know what the society is becoming today.

  16. Thats sad i think she needs to see a physiologist sha.In can they not have sex why say it on social media.

  17. While others wish to resume school so as to gain more knowledge and be productive, this one wants to resume to have sex. It’s clear that her parents only wasted the money by sending her to school.

  18. money don vanish oh, how can a well and more mature lady say this with out no second thought at all, some ladies are scum and totally have nothing in their brain

  19. The end is near,people are no longer ashamed of mentioning sin again in public.. She should be scared if HIV.

  20. This girl does not have shame at all. She need to repent o. And she didn’t even have a thought about if her parent or family would see that. nawa o.

  21. This is too bad of you, did your parents send you to school to have sex.???better face your studies so that you will not regret in the future.

  22. Useless human being…..you are a disgrace to the whole generation of women..you better repent before is too late

  23. That’s demonic girl! Does it mean all you does in school in having sex with different male folks? Please, stop destroying your destiny on sex.

  24. Imagine someone begging to mess up her life…I pray u realise what you are doing before it becomes too late…

  25. It seems she has forgotten the true value of school, how can she be asking about resumption time of school because of sexual desires, she needs knowledge of the purpose of being in school

  26. May God have mercy on you… So dat is why your are in school?.. You will soon regret your mistake if you don’t change on time

  27. She is shameless ,definitely all she goes to school to do is to sleep with men and not to study. May God have mercy on our generation.

  28. See her face naa.some things should be kept personal. Buh then, thats her life.she can live it the way she likes

  29. While she awaits school resumption to have sex she should be aware of AIDS and other STD.indeed the world is gradually coming to an end.

  30. This kind of girl is can never learn anything in school. She will be busy jumping from one man to another… Guys should be careful. This girl is a marine spirit.

  31. She is insane because I don’t think a sensible lady can write and post such on a social media. .imagine the boldness!

  32. I pitty you, you are busy missing sex while your colleagues are busy missing their books and lectures from their teachers….This kind of issues are found happening in Borden school, where they sneak at night to have sex with an opposite sex. School guardians need to watch over their students these days.

  33. What goes around comes around. At your own time, you are doing it mad enjoying it. Don’t ask question in the near future when you will see your own children behaving anyhow in the school. DON’T POST THIS ON FACEBOOK THEN “I WISH I COULD CLOSE MY EYES AND HAVE MY MISTAKES CORRECTED”

  34. Stupid girl what’s that your faculty again? Sexciology studying bedmatics and romantism Hahahahahaha she all the men on ur street are unsecumsized? Well-done madam

  35. Shameless lady, evil doing that is suppose to be private she not shy of making it public that is pure disgrace to her family

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