What Adesua Etomi said about Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Actress Adesua Etomi in her reaction to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa, has condemned the barbaric act by the citizens of the country.

In her post, she wrote that this is not the South Africa the late Nelson Mandela fought for and wanted people of influence in the country to speak up against the act.

What Adesua Etomi said about Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

She wrote:

”I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the videos from the recent attacks against Nigerians by some South Africans.
My heart can’t take it.
My mind can’t fathom how you kill another human being based on their nationality.
My mind can’t fathom how the people that spent years oppressed have become the oppressors.
Businesses burnt down, lives lost.

The people that have died as a result of Xenophobia, whether past or present, were not only sons, daughters, friends, mothers, fathers etc….they were human beings like you and I and their only crime was their nationality.
This isn’t the South Africa that Mandela fought for.
Let’s use our voices and let’s speak against this. We are all members of the same body.
We must do better.

It is my hope that people of influence in South Africa rise up and speak against all that is happening.
Evil only prevails when good men do nothing.
May the souls of the departed, rest in peace and may the lord replenish all that has been lost.
We must…now more than ever…lead with Love.

Ps. It is the responsibility of EVERY SINGLE AFRICAN to speak out about Xenophobia. Not just a select few. There is power in numbers”.

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