“We’re not sex machine”- Calabar indigene asks people to stop sexualizing them

A Calabar indigene has asked people to stop sexualizing them, as she states that their people are not sex machine.

This came after a Twitter user, @Olumurewa made a joke about Calabar people being a sex machine in a tweet.

“your 5 minutes break is up, there’s still so much we haven’t done. I thought you said you were from Calabar” He wrote.

However, a Calabar indigene with the user name @ laidyBeeh on seeing the tweet on Twitter, slammed @Olumurewa for sexualizing Calabar people, as she states they are not sex machine.

She revealed that the perception people have about Calabar people is not funny because she has always been sexualized unprovoked due to her where she’s from.

She wrote; Calabar, not a sex machine. I can’t count how many times I’ve been sexualized unprovoked cos of where I’m from. It is the same for many people like myself. It is never been funny. Please stop.”

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