Wearing Burqa to swim is not normal, it is a result of brainwashing – Imam of Peace

Imam of Peace has reacted to a picture of a woman wearing a Burqa to swim in a pool, saying it is as a result of brain washing.

He shared a picture of the woman wearing a Burqa to swim in a pool with her daughter on the side and he rebuked the idea saying it is not normal.

Wearing Burqa to swim is not normal, it is a result of brainwashing - Imam of Peace

He wrote;

This is not normal behaviour. This is the result of many years of brainwashing and being convinced that her entire body is 100% vagina— because that’s how they see her. My heart breaks for her, and for her daughter who by the age of 9 will live the same way. Very very sad.

See some reactions to the post below.

***and we say we live in 21st century. The era of technology and blah blah blah. But don’t you think we have failed miserably when we see such scenarios. Think about it.

***Interesting thing is, in the 1950s the female dress code in Saudi Arabia was a lot more open and colorful, just research it.

***It’s a wahabi thing…….and who exactly was it that spread wahabism like wildfire in the world? The West aka America and Britain during the cold war era. Every terror group follows the path of wahabism! So for what reasons did the west help spread wahabism like wildfire?🤔🤷🏽‍♂️

***What will expect from sex- starved people? Look at the mindset of some of Clerics professed that a Muslim men can have sex with a 9 yrs old girl…. Isn’t it disgusting? Man in picture seems, influenced by this kind of preaching…

***While walking in Times Square in NYC last week, I saw a woman dressed in an abaya and niqaab walking with her husband who was wearing a t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops.

***Remembered my poor mother, Sara. She was a slave! She was buried alive in black sacks. Her face never saw the sunlight outside. Never had dinner in a restaurant. Never shopped. Never answered a phone call. Never had a family picture; except a semi-family picture for which I begged her.

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