We will reveal Buhari’s ministers this week, says Lawan

The Senate president of Nigeria, Ahmed Lawal says Buhari will send a list of his ministers very soon.

He revealed this on Wednesday that the nominees for President Buhari’s ministers will be sent to the Senate before the weekend comes.

This was announced at the plenary after a Point of Order was proposed by Sen Albert Bassey Akpan, A PDP Senator from Akwa Ibom.

Lawan stated the Executive arm was operating so active on the ministerial list and that from the feelers he saw the list will soon be given.

He stated that he was positive that the candidates would be screened before the lawmakers’ holiday.

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Akpan had, in his Point of Order asked the president to give the names of his ministerial candidates promptly as the senators would shortly begin on their yearly break.

In 2015, President Buhari was massively blamed for taking six months to get his cabinet ready. The delay got him the alias of ‘Baba Go Slow’, for which his aides retorted: ‘Better to be slow and steady’.

Worries are similarly being expressed that he is treading the ‘Go slow lane’ in unveiling his ministerial list.

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