We only intimidate our victims – Niger robbery suspects

Eight robbery suspects who were arrested by the Niger State Police Command at Mero village in Rafi Local Government Area of the state, have disclosed that they only intimidate their victims.

We only intimidate our victims - Niger robbery suspects lailasnews

The robbery suspects who conspired among themselves to rob their victim, who was simply identified as Yellow, in Mero village and were apprehended by police operatives attached to the Kagara Division based on a tip-off, were identified as Umma Usman (20); Abubakar Buba (18); Sale Awwal (17); Umar Haruna (27); Idris Awwal (20); Saidu Abubakar (17); Ayuba Bode (18); and Idi Roba (18).

It was gathered that the robbery suspects who went away with the victim’s Gionee mobile phone and the sum of N2,005, were arrested after Usman was shot by one of the victim’s neighbours, who responded to the victim’s cry for help.

Speaking to Punch’s correspondent, one of the suspects,  Haruna disclosed that his gang had been engaged in criminal activities for over four years.

“We use a stick and a locally-made gun to scare our victims to get what we want from them without too much stress. Honestly speaking, we don’t kill our victims, our interest is to get valuables and sell at any given price.

“We use our number to intimidate our victims so that they will do whatever we ask them to do and we have been succeeding at it for a long time.

“Now, we are paying for all the atrocities we have committed. It is God’s wish that they caught us, so there is nothing anybody can do about it. We have accepted our fate” he said.

Muhammad Abubakar, the command’s Public Relations Officer who disclosed that the suspects had confessed to the crime, added that they would  be charged to court after the completion of police investigation.


  1. Stop saying you just use your locally made weapon to scare your victim… what are the weapons met for if not to scare victims? You will be for all the atrocities you have committed.

  2. Is good you accepted your faith. Even when you kill someone will you say it now until you are caught in it. What ever punishment you are given serves you guys right. Criminals!

  3. That Very Bad….
    Nigeria are poor in security and others and this is very unfair….
    i just hope the catch the culprit

  4. They have to be punished..alot of people worked hard for what they have collected from them,how do you expect them to survive that

  5. They should face the full wrath of the law ,they have funs with them and they are saying they only intimidate their victims, what if a victim don’t comply will they not shoot that person?

  6. The only punishment suitable for robbers should be death sentence. Otherwise they still come back in full force.

  7. Can you imagin anyway you guys did wrong and the law should take its full cost, even if its fake gun it doesn’t matter you are robbers and needs to be dealth with as an example to others

  8. You guys must feel badly intimidated by the law since you always intimidate your victims.. Hell is all yours…

  9. They should all faces the consequences of going against the law . There is nothing like ignorance in law . They signed up for it already

  10. They are even proud to say that they have been succeeding for a long time, well your cup is full now so face the consequences of your actions

  11. Even if they intimidate their victims they should face justice because no matter what they were armed and along side anything could have happened to their victims.

  12. Police pls, just take these thieves, robbers, criminals to court and let the law take it’s full course

  13. They should be punished for their Actions.
    That so called intimidation has taken some of their victims to an early grave

  14. They get their intimidating selves into jail. That’s how they intimidate and kill their victims. They should have a feel of that intimidation too as they fail e the wrath of law

  15. thank God you know that it’s Good who made then catch you and why mention God’s name as if he asked you guys to rob not even that what you guys collect is even okay small small things . go and sleep In jail so that next time you’ll learn

  16. for four years they’ve been operating that’s why its said every day for the thieve one day for the owner of the hhouse .this is their day of reckoning and they are prepared to receive their punishment. that’s why we should desist from evil deeds because a day of reckoning must surely come

  17. Okay, they have accepted their fate already, See as they be like wetin I no know sef, even with all the robbery, they still look so raggy. It is well,

  18. Can you imagine, they will face law charges because of a phone and an amount of.money less than 3,000. This is Karma at work.

  19. Is their any thief that will agree that he has killed before. Most times they will even claim its their first time of stealing. At least they agreed that it’s been four years of their successful stealing

  20. they need to be punished and trained them on how to work with there strength and sweat, after they released them

  21. you better say the truth so that you will not be punished alone, theyes must be punished.

  22. Whether you only intimidate your victims or you kill them as long as you have been found guilty of robbery you are facing the punishment. The best thing to do is stay out of trouble and stay away from crimes.

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