We killed businessman, roasted his head for money ritual – Suspects

Two arrested suspected serial killers, Dauda Amusat and Kabiru Dudupariola, have confessed to killing a 42-year-old businessman, Sanusi Isiaka, on May 14, 2017, near Slava Construction Company along Iwo Road for money ritual purpose.

We killed businessman, roasted his head for money ritual – Suspects lailasnews

The suspects who were arrested and paraded by the Osun State Police Command on December 28, 2018, in Ifon, reportedly chopped off the head of the businessman for ritual purpose. The State’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fimihan Adeoye, who confirmed the incident said that the suspects were allegedly contracted by another businessman, Yekini Ayinde aka Abija, currently at large, who paid them N200,000 to kill the deceased.

According to the suspects, Isiaka had supplied bags of rice to Abija who didn’t want to pay for the goods after selling them, hence his contract to to kill him. Amusat who narrated how they killed the businessman said;

“When we got to the bush, Abija told the driver to stop and he gave us a sign. We quickly overpowered Isiaka and tied him with a rope.

Kabiru wanted to kill him with his gun but we later decided to use a knife to cut his throat. After killing him, I remembered that I needed a human head for money ritual and I quickly removed his head.

I was roasting the head and preparing other items needed for the ritual when some policemen came. I managed to escape that day. I ran away from Ifon but they eventually apprehended me on December 28, 2018.”

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  1. This is pure wickedness. If you stay idle, you become devil workshop, you become a supplier, people still hunt you because they’re not willing to your money back.

  2. This issue of ritual killing is really getting on much in this country. Thank God this one has been apprehended

  3. What kind of a devilish human is this,may God help us eradicate all this wicked souls from the earth

  4. This issue of ritual killing is really getting on much in this country. Thank God this one has been apprehended

  5. Unnecessary quest for riches. God’s time is the best. . This is the highest level if wickedness. May God forgive them.

  6. This is wicked and devilish.. The taste for money can make anyone do anything may God help us in this world

  7. What a horrible world… I think this act of ritualist in this nation is getting worse daily…. When you don’t have sympathy for your fellow human anything is seen as ease.. His grace please…

  8. people wicked ooo they will not go unpunished for this wickness it is not the best way to survive

  9. How can sombody behead a fellow human being with ease as if is no big deal….rip to the biz man..they should face the full Weight of the law.

  10. Wicked people will never go unpunished. They should be sentenced to death by firing squad. They shouldn’t be kept in jail at all

  11. What a sinful act you take goods on credit and pay him with his life imagine may abija be arrested anytime soon.

  12. Wonders shall never ends, what is wrong with this ritualist. Thank God they are caught, may God continue to protect and guide his children.

  13. God…everyone wants to make money by all means..God please deliver us from this deadly and selfish world

  14. I wonder where this world is good to, full of wickedness. Imagine roasting your fellow mans’ head for rituals if possible I urge the police to do same to him, let them feel the pains nonsense

  15. Jesus Christ you have the mind to cut off a persons head and also go to the point of roasting it, may God see us through in this wicked world

  16. What a world the killers should be punished according to the law as well as the man that hired them

  17. Hmm! Just #200,000 to take a life you never created. I pray karma catches up with you people full force. Prison isn’t enough for such crime.

  18. This is pure evil.and wickedness, killing a human and using the body parts for ritual is so inhumane. The suspect’s should be punished severely.

  19. Since they have been caught no mercy should be showed to them…….the people who have been sending them to do such evil should be dealt with also without compromise

  20. Man’s inhumanity to man, after all you did, u can’t still enjoy the money. I pray you wroth in jail.

  21. just imagine, because of bags of rice they took a life. No appreciation for the gift of life. Life for life.

  22. People like this should receive life in prison without bail or state pardon. They should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  23. This is a big tragedy and he is long dead since 2017! These killers should be tortured and sentenced to death.

  24. These guys are just wicked and heartless, they should all be sent to life imprisonment, that other business man who contacted the killers must also be sent to jail, people are wicked o

  25. I wonder where this world is good to, full of wickedness. Imagine roasting your fellow mans’ head for rituals if possible I urge the police to do same to him, let them feel the pains nonsense people

  26. This is the height of wickedness. Pure evil act.. People like this don’t deserve to be among the living.. God forbid bad thing and take us far far away from the eyes of the evil predators. Everyday for the thief one day for ths owner

  27. Oh mygod!!! Where are we heading to
    Some human being are heartless
    Let them pay with their lives

  28. My goodness! What is this world turning into all because of money. No human sympathy all. God you are my protector.

  29. Pure wickedness, u were roasting the head as suya or what, what kind of heart do people have these days.. God have mercy. This kind of criminal should be sentence to death by hanging. Inhumanity of man to man

  30. My goodness and you still have the courage to say all that!! Knife instead of a gun haba what is this world turning into?

  31. Inhumane, act of a personality without hearts, hope they face the reactions of there actions to the fullness..

  32. Comment*why didnt you use your own head for the rituals since you needed money, thank God he was apprehended

  33. I commend the responsiveness of the Nigerian police. These wicked people should not be spared. The full weight of the law should be brought against them.

  34. Wonders shall never end, hmm Nigerian what are we turning into? May God help our nation and its citizens

  35. Wickedness of the highest order….you must rot in jail for this…and all this words are nt heavy in your mouth God will definitely punish you and your accomplice

  36. This is a serious evil act from those men, they should be given life time in jail with serious hard labour.

  37. Chopping fellow man’s head? This is pure wickedness. They should be persecuted mercilessly.

  38. What a wicked people they should all be sliced and get killed of this indecent act of killing an innocent person

  39. Wickedness of the highest order. Even animals don’t behave this way. They must pay for their at atrocious act.

  40. This is the repercusion of quest for quick money. They should be made to face the full wrath of the Law

  41. Haaaa, so u sent people to kill him so u wont pay him his money, karma will eventually nail all of u involved one day

  42. Because of 200000 you killed your fellow human yet for money ritual am sure this is not the first mission may God continue to expose you all

  43. They must be stupid, what do they gain from killing a successful human being for ritual over what they can hold.on to for long

  44. A being like you! Some people are just so calous. They should pay for it, they also should be killed

  45. This is totally wickedness those people must face the wrath of the law because what they did is not good at all.

  46. Let them face the panel … They have acted like a monster.. A beast. Therefore, the shouldn’t go free along with him that have paid them.

  47. I wonder where this world is good to, full of wickedness. Imagine roasting your fellow mans’ head for rituals if possible I urge the police to do same to him, let them feel the pains nonsense people

  48. Thank God they have been caught. They should be jailed because they don’t worth living among the people.

  49. Hmmmmm, this is unbelievable. How can you roast a human being head all in the name of making quick money. He should be hanged. No hiding place for the wicked

  50. All this people taking the lives of their fellow human weldone oooooo God punishment will surely fall on u

  51. Lol this men has no souls in them just like any other people we have a killer spirit in our body but God dont let it over take me into torment amen

  52. Thank God they apprehend you…. wicked people everywhere .. God will expose them one after the other

  53. Just imagine . They aimed nothing but just to kill the man for ritual purposes which later back fired. They will serve as a scape goat to others of their type

  54. This is sheer wickedness. This Abija of a man should be apprehended too because He is the instigator of this crime. They should all be sent to jail.

  55. 200k to kill a person
    Sooo a persons life is worth 200k??? Why are people this inhuman nauuu
    When did all this strt.. why cant yu ppl just look for something else to do rather than all
    Dz rituals?

  56. Business is now hard to engage with anyhow being, imagine why this man got his untimely death, may his soul rest in peace but these evil men should die in jail or by hanging.

  57. Some people are heartless, they don’t have conscience, murdered your fellow man in cold blood just for money.

  58. Too many Killers, ritualists and kidnappers every where, God will continue to protect us oo.

  59. Hmm that is pure wickedness
    How can someone do that to his fellow human being
    This world is very terrible oooo…
    Nawa oo
    God will help us o

  60. This ritual things is getting out of hand everyday different form of it God have mercy on Nigeria as a country alot is just wrong from left to right

  61. Why are people so heartless in this world …killing your fellow human bcoz of money is becoming very rampant in Nigeria may God help is and expose people like this

  62. Your paid to take life, and you also decide to collect the head for another money making, how did u guys feel when the persons blood touched your hands, wicked heart, pls they should butcher they’d guys sending them to prison is nonsense

  63. This is a wicked world human beings are terribly wicked how can you hired killers to kill your fellow human being because you don’t want to pay him for his goods which he supplied to you and you have sold the goods why can’t you pay instead you decided to kill him so that you wouldn’t pay. God is watching you and those involved in his killing will pay dearly.

  64. There is nothing we won’t see in this country. You used your fellow man for ritual without sympathy

  65. Tankio una do well come take award, congratulations. Kill this kill that, person no fit rest for this country.

  66. Sometimes i just wish they can just ask me to decide wat kind of punishment should ppl lyk dis be given. This guy deserves to die, not by hanging, by dragging.

  67. The evil in this land is too much. The government should look for a better punishment for ritual killers and Yahoo pants stealers.

  68. People are heartless how do you usually feels when you killed somebody.you guys are supposed to rot in jail

  69. That is too bad, dey must kill them also, so that wat happen to them we be inform of lession to other people’s

  70. Pure evil, look at them monsters. How can the kill and roast a fellow human being. Sentence them to life in prisonment

  71. You are doing it for money and you kill someone is it that the person does not Ned money nor money runs away from him, go and face the law

  72. This I pure wickedness. Ordering someone’s death just because you don’t want to pay him his hard earned money

  73. Poverty mentality is when you were paid 200000 to kill human being…….God will punish you people.

  74. The evil that men do, lives before them not after them, you killed a man roast his head for money ritual, just hear yourself, you shall not go unpunished, you must pay dearly for this crime.

  75. You killed him with you knife for ritual i pray God forgive you, in the end you will eventually die too

  76. What a wicked world they should confess and bring out all those they have worked for …they deserve to face the wrath of the law

  77. Killing and using his head for money ritual. His head have put you in trouble. O ya straight to jail

  78. Evil deeds people, killing innocent soul all because of money, good job to the policemen for the job well done, they should the cult and the charges.

  79. God…. What a wicked life we live in.. Imagine taking a life you can not give without any remorse. All the perpetrators need to die too… Nothing go nothing. Wicked people.

  80. You can run but you can not hide. This is purely man’s inhumanity to man, you had to cut someones head and roast it. Do you have a heart sir?

  81. What a Quest for riches. God’s time is the best.This is the highest level of wickedness. May God have mercy.

  82. Honesty they suppose to be punished not even in jail death by hanging those people are wicked soul

  83. What a Quest for riches. God’s time is the best.This is the highest level of wickedness. May God have mercy on them

  84. A sinner will not go unpunished, how can you people conspired and killed an entrepreneurer, a creator of jobs heaven will not forgive you people for this

  85. Imagine roasting your fellow mans’ head for rituals purposes. He should be killed without a second thought, People are evil in this world and because of that they can do anything to make money.

  86. Pls don’t trust any one and don’t go to places alone. You are roasting human being head God! How do u feel when doing it a human being.

  87. Thank God you were apprehended, who knows how many heads you have roasted and gotten away with it.

  88. After you kill someone and get blood on your hands, Dangote will still be richer than you

  89. Both d kidnappers and the so called business man who hired them should face immediate justice

  90. These people are heartless and wicked, you kill a human like you for ritual, Even God will judge you

  91. What is the world turning into…. I don’t understand how humans like me will kill and roast another human like me.

  92. Roasting a human being like you. You both are very wicked. Probably when the both of you pass through the same pain of cutting someone’s throat, chopping off his head and roasting him, then others in that same business will learn from you.
    And for Abija, Just because a person was kind enough to sell to you on credit, you decided to take his life so that you wouldn’t have to pay for it. You are wicked. You better come to repentance. Jesus still loves you before you will get to your doom.

  93. You must surely pay for your sins, you ran away the other day but was still apprehended. You must pay the price for killing

  94. Instead of you to ask him to teach you how to do business, you decided to kill him and use his roasted head for money ritual. It is obvious people like you can never prosper.

  95. You can imagine how wicked they are. May the souls of the businessman rest on.peace. The guys should be dealt with please.

  96. Such a wicked act…
    How can you kill your fellow human without thinking twice, one day you too will be killed in likewise manner

  97. Wicked soul your generation will rot in jail haaaa why is that some peopyare so heartless not even considering there family

  98. Oh my God! Roasted human head? God forbid bad thing, the world is coming to an end, there should not go unpunished

  99. Nemesis has caught up with them… Dey killed someone and yet dey can’t even create a bone… They must face justice.. they reap wat dey av sowed

  100. Na their time be this naa.. Ritual killing. Everyone should be very careful it’s election time.

  101. Wickedness of man, imagine cutting and rusting your fellow human head. Chisos is Lord. The business man spirit is hunting you guys and you will definitely pay with your own life. Devil advocates

  102. ooh business partners…but he would have given him some times to sort things out not sending these idiots to chop off his head.

  103. Because you don’t want to pay for goods supplied
    So you decided to end some one’s life.
    This is witchcraft
    The killers and contractors are all wizards and no atom of mercy should be considered in their Case
    More efforts should be out in to get their contractor

  104. People are now very heartless. Thank God that they have been caught. This is the end of the road for them. They should be jailed for life.

  105. Imagine just because of common 200,000 ? Haba this is unfair,may he be punished severely and mercilessly

  106. What a heartless human being. He cut off a fellow human being and still confess how he did the act. I pray To God to let the judge sentence both culprits to life imprisonment

  107. No mercy should be shown to this criminals. They should also be tortured and their heads should be toasted too.

  108. After all the criminal act, you still won’t spend a dime of it to ur satisfaction before repercussion comes calling.

  109. This is inhuman, roast a fellow human being head in the name of ritual. Such people deserve to be sentenced to death by hanging.

  110. This is rudeness. How can a full human being cutt of another’s head. This is in born wickedness

  111. This is wickedness in its fullness the fact that you had the nerve to cut off your fellow man’s head and roast it is horrible

  112. People like this should be killed instantly after confession. Money ritual, why didn’t they use their head or leg

  113. How can a human be this heartless. What ll you gain from this. This act of ritual killing in this country is getting out of hand

  114. wicked life with evil spirit, whoever killed must be kill, let try to stop or eradicate this bad of attitude.

  115. Blame the cause of all this things on our bad economy and poor education, our agents of socialisation are doing poorly and I dont even know what to say about our churches. How could someone just wake up one morning and cut off someones head. Let them pls catch the witch doctor that gave the idea and jail him too.

  116. Wickedness of the highest order. People are just too desperate to be rich with just a blink of an eye.

  117. What a wicked and devilish human being. How can you kill a man like you. The should be punished severely

  118. This is what greediness can lead one to,what stops him from paying the man his money for the bags of rice if he isn’t greedy,I wish they catch him too

  119. Haba! Why are you guys too wicked like this? You killed somebody and roasted his head for ritual. All of you with this dastard acts will be caught one after the other. They should be prosecuted

  120. This ritual of a thing what Are they achieving from it…. This is pure wickedness.. Shai am speechless..For ur mom to keep u alive she did not kill you.. Are u ungrateful for that

  121. They carried out their act secret, however they are now confessing openly. They should face the full wrath of the law.

  122. The world is going worst daily. No human sympathy again. You use knive to cut someone throat, you removed the head and burned it.ahhhh God will surely punish you

  123. When you’re through with the judge, please go straight to the executioner. He’s got your case to round up. Your greed for money has eaten up your life.

  124. Why is there so much evil in these world, The fact that the man he supplied goods to hasn’t yet paid, does he has to result to killing him, those that make the money come out now.

  125. Just because you want to show off and live large that’s why you had to take someone’s life. Hope you guys rot in jail.

  126. They deserve a very bad punishment how will you kill your fellow human being just for paper you call money that is controlling you

  127. Wickedness of men. Mr Yekini,you bought goods which were supplied to you and you turn around to send people to kill him. You and your hired killers should sent to jail.

  128. These heartless people are so wicked. All because of money? One doesn’t want to pay money owed. The other wanted to do money rituals. May God punish you all.

  129. That’s wickedness and can’t go unpunished, thank God he was caught. He should be sentence to death.

  130. For the wicked witch never go unpunished
    Police shouldn’t waste time eliminating these wicked souls

  131. God go punish u,,,,,food of u d Nigerian Police,weldone and God will help u more.pls make sure u judge dem accordingly, of you also receive bribes n set dem free,you(police) will also b found wanting by d grace of God.

  132. what kinda heart o you have you have the mind to kill your fellow human and roast may God have mercy on you,you must not go unpunished

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