We don’t offer degrees – British Group to lady who claimed she graduated there

A Nigerian lady is currently under fire on Twitter after she claimed she just secured a degree from the British Association of Dermatologists.

The lady had taken to the platform to inform her followers that she just saw her results and she is going to be graduating with a 1st class degree from the association and she is already an officially certified dermatologist.

We don’t award degree – British Group to lady who claimed she graduated there

She had written

Did a dermatology degree with the British Association of Dermatologists. Results came out this morning and your girl made a first class with honors. Guess who’s an officially certified dermatologist nowwww

While the congratulatory messages were pouring in, the British Association of Dermatologists got hold of the information and denied awarding any degree to any individual. In fact they claim they don’t award degrees.

They later took to their official page that they are not aware of any course being offered by the association and it must have been a course provider claiming they have affiliation with them

They tweeted:

We are investigating claims that a course provider is stating their course is accredited by the BAD. We do not accredited any degree courses. If you might have been affected please message us.

After the backlash, Ada Beke took down the post and later cleared the air saying she was ‘misled’:

I have an MSc in cyber security. I am not a doctor. I took a course bundle termed a “degree” in cosmetic dermatology because of my business, and I was misled by the course provider. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a cyber security person. So I’m sorry if my tweet was misleading.




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