‘Africans are not contributing anything to civilization’ – Brymo on going naked

Olawale Ashimi a.k.a Brymo, who shocked music lovers by going naked in the video for his single ‘heya’, turned up with the reason for the nude scene in a chat with Victor Okpala at the just concluded Nigerian Entertainment Conference.

'Africans are not contributing anything to civilization' – Brymo on going naked lailasnews

Brymo who had nothing on but panties, with his groin area covered with a brown tafia (Bante) as he walked barefooted in the music video, explained that his decision to go naked was inspired by the reality of Africans.

“If the Westerners take their gadgets away, we will be left with nothing. We will look like the bushman in the video. That was the image I created in my head”, he explained.

He further went on to assert that the video is a reminder that; “We (Africans) are not contributing anything to the civilization of the world”.

Brymo’s artistic endeavour has drawn a wide gamut of reactions. There are those who believe this is an attempt at faux brilliance from an artiste, who seems so desperate to carve his own niche and distance himself from the rest of the bunch.

Brymo’s fans though believe otherwise. For them, this is another masterclass, a moment of brilliance from an artiste whose ability is yet underrated.

It’s easy in times like this to get embroiled in the hoopla that Brymo must have expected when he put the video together, or to think more about how he’s using his bare buttocks to sell his album.

The alternative folk artiste in an interview with Pulse before now, said;

“ I decided to appear how my forbears dressed before the arrival of civilization to Nubian continent,”

We have all seen the costume in many movies, “Heya” was my own representation of that age; A bushman in the city, that’s my image of most black Africans of today. Although we reside in cities, we are still villagers in our thoughts and actions

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