Wanted Boko Haram terrorist arrested in Borno (Photo)

A wanted Boko Haram terrorist, Babagana Abubakar aka Alagarno, has been arrested in Bulabulim Ngarnam, Borno State by Nigerian troops.

Wanted Boko Haram terrorist arrested in Borno (Photo) lailasnews

The disclosure was made in a statement on Thursday, January 10, by Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman, director general of army public relations. The statement read:

“Gallant troops of 7 Division Garrison carrying out cordon and search operations in conjunction with troops of 195 Battalion, Mobile Policemen and CJTF, in some parts of the fringes of Maiduguri today discovered and arrested a wanted Boko Haram terrorists group member called Babagana Abubakar (aka Alagarno), hiding at Bulabulim Ngarnam community.

“He was found hiding in a room in possession of 2 military Ballistic helmets, a pair of military desert boot, a fragment jacket, a Jersey pull over, military backpack, camouflage design shorts, 2 voters identification cards, National identification card, amulets, camouflage T-shirts and military jungle hat. He has since been moved out of the area for further interrogation. “The Acting General Officer Commanding 7 Division, who is also the Commander, Sector 1 of Operation LAFIYA DOLE had visited the troops and conveyed the Theatre Commander, Operation LAFIYA DOLE’s commendation to them for the painstaking efforts and professionalism.”

CJTF member arrested for torturing two boys over alleged theft


  1. Nice job. many thanks to Nigeria Army and the Nigeria police force. May God continue to guide you all and May eveil never befall you

  2. Its good to catch them one after the other , we need to rid the society of this rodents called book Haram who are drastically terrorizing our community and life’s in general

  3. He should be severely dealt with and made to confess some vital information that can lead to the arrest of others.

  4. To catch them is not the point we need but they tell us the reason why they are killing people like animal

  5. Well done officers. Finally we are making head way. Ensure he is been locked up in the most unbreakable cell. Where he will rot for all we care. For all the blood and crimes he has committed. Live in prisonment

  6. May all this innocent blood that are dying every day be on their head and their sponsore shall pay with their blood

  7. We thankgod and i pray may he suffer the pain of his bad dids and may the souls of the innocents ones rest in olaiyahabib

  8. This Boko haram terrorist and commanders are always in the news, I pray that one day this insurgency will be a thing of the past

  9. Thank God his end to terrorise Nigeria has come, they should hold him down and he will lead the Nigerian army to trap down the other Boko Haram gangs, it’s time for them to pay for all their evil deeds

  10. If he is what is said he is then it’s good for Nigeria and Borno people. Thank God the rank is reduced

  11. Nigeria army are doing great job at least we are progressing the B.Haram should be prosecuted and send to prison.

  12. Nigerian millitary has done a great job. Let the number of these terrorists keep reducing because of the nuisance they are causing in the society.

  13. wow. How did he get all those military stuffs? 2voters card to vote twice. God pass him, he should be interrogated properly and get all the needed informations to arrest the rest of them.

  14. wow. How did he get all those military stuffs?God pass him, he should be interrogated properly and get all the needed informations to arrest the rest of them.

  15. One day bush meat will catch the hunter, that’s your case now. Army should make sure he jailed this time around.

  16. This people in the book haram are just too many.That is why fighting boko haram is like infinity war.

  17. Well done Nigeria Army and a those who assist them, I hope he will not be release soon and claim that he escape, when an order will come from above to let him go.. This our Nigeria is nothing but a shit hole. Only God’s Kingdom can gelp

  18. Thank God this one as been caught. That how they will be catching them one by one.Nigeria force,kudos to you guys.more strenght

  19. boko haram found with two voters card and a identification card that even me a citizen is looking for since all this years i swell a flaw play here… well good job to the military

  20. Job Weldon but they should get him to talk about how they carry out their mode of operandi and those sponsoring them. Nigerians want this menace to end ASAP.

  21. Nice work to the military. Let the terrorist be tried as soon as possible, so as to prevent him from escaping without facing the law

  22. Its good to catch them one after the other , we need to rid the society of this rodents called book Haram who are drastically terrorizing our community and life’s in general

  23. God will continue to expose them one by one. The evil doers will know no peace this year until they are all brought to book

  24. Very interesting news…these book harams have terrorised these country too much…we need to be freefrom there terror.

  25. May God deliver Nigerians from this evil and heartless fellow.kudos to you guys for catching him.He deserve punishment

  26. Good one by the Nigerian Army…. He should be made to face the wrath of his bad deeds and the innocent lives he has taken

  27. Since you’re sure that he’s a member of boko haram good all you need to do now is to pack all his family member altogether and blast them to feel the pain other families feel this will serve as a lesson to other boko harams member

  28. If our security officers can be more active than before.bokoharam in nigeria will become things of past in nigeria. Kudos to our security men in borno.

  29. They should set an example with him to those that are towing that root and as a warning to what will be done to any one that offends the polity. That’s a good one, let’s go from here.

  30. The Nigerian Army really worked hard on this one.Kudos guyz.He thought he can hide forever.The problem is that these bokoharram men keep recruiting more members as their men are arrested. I just wish all these can just end already

  31. Goodnews may they apprehend many more ijn very deadly sect,they should interrogate him to get useful information from him useless being

  32. With all he has, no one would have suspected him because he came well prepared, but thank God for the grace and wisdom given to our soldiers. Of course he couldn’t have hide forever. More grace to you all

  33. all this boko haram i don’t no watin we do una for this una country. all the killings in this country e never do abeg make una leave us alone.

  34. gallant men,finally men of the armed forces and other security agent are offensive and fishing them out of their hideout,bravo


  36. May God help the military to catch all these boko haram boys and their sponsores they have really caused alot of havoc in the north east

  37. Story. He will be released secretly. y cos all those arrested where are they and what has the government done so far

  38. It better they do something about this case before it too late and for you to know it can get to the state we don’t want it to be like Lagos

  39. Every day for the thief but one day for the owner of the house, his cup is full already. Thanks to the Nigeria army for a job well done

  40. This is good. Those taking justice into their hands should be dealt with. Let the law do his work

  41. Thank God for this capturing, I wish one day no book haram name will be perished.
    More efforts Nigerian army.

  42. Boko haram terrorist and commanders have dominated news around the globe, I pray that one day their own will be a thing of the past.

  43. Good job kudos to our security personnel for doing a fantastic job. May God continue to guide and protect them in the battlefield

  44. Thumbs up for d soldiers. I hope they have the courage to purge the army of the BH elements that have infiltrated its ranks.

  45. Good job to the troop …..and more of them been caught, this one should be interrogated to know the hidden places of the others in other to be caught as well…

  46. Nice job. He should be sentenced to death immediately because he does not have any remorse for what he has done.

  47. Thank God for the arrest and he should be interrogated properly so as to get more useful information on his counterparts hideout

  48. Very very good! Infact nice one because that is how the will be exposed of their evil deed one after the other.

  49. We have heard this news often times about boko haram wanted terrorist been arrested and defeated technically and yet our brothers who are soldiers keep dying in the hands of this boko haram sects. May God help us all

  50. Nice job Done by Our security..He will rot in jail God will Continue to expose remaining boko haram.

  51. Well done . this is the kind of news that makes me happy. Put more effort you will soon arrest all of them.

  52. God will arrest them one by one. As they have been disturbing the peace of Nigeria, they will not know peace themselves

  53. How sure are thay it’s not somebody else they are calling Babagana Abubakar, because he is not easy to catch just like that

  54. There will be no peace for the wicked that’s how ll of the we be fixed out of their hidden places. Wonderful job for our Nigeria soldiers. Kudos!

  55. Let them continue to decieve themselves in this country with Boko Haram.Nigeria a country without vision.

  56. That is how they will be caught one by one. God will put them into the hands of Nigerian soldiers

  57. Nice job, but Nigeria and their way of judgment. Arresting him is not just enough but allowing the law take it cost. Evil book haram

  58. I just pray that legal action will be taken. Not the one that we only hear that they have been arrested and we don’t hear anything again about it afterwards.

  59. That is how they will be expose and be arrested one after the other God never slp he surely hear our cry

  60. Nothing personal but these people needs to be executed and burnt they dont deserve any sort of human treatment.

  61. See the way he looks. He should pay for the innocent lives they have killed and families they have deserted from their homes

  62. Nice job but you guys should not do mago mago.he should not be released. He should face the wrath of law

  63. Our Nigerian troops are doing good works by arresting book haram terrorist in borno state,I hope he gets to jail

  64. Where he will rot for all we care. For all the blood and crimes he has committed. Live in prisonment

  65. That’s a sign of improvement to Nigerian force keep it up we need more of them to be dealt with

  66. we need to rid the society of this rodents called book Haram who are drastically terrorizing our community and life’s in general

  67. May God delivers Nigeria from the hands of book harram and other group that are wrecking havoc in the country.

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