Walter Wallace Death: Moment police shot armed black man 10 times (Video)

A shocking video footage has shown the moment Philadelphia police shot and killed a Black man, Walter Wallace, after he waved a knife in public.

The killing has led to wild protest which has left 30 officers injured.

Walter Wallace Death_ Moment police shot armed black man 10 times

A video footage recorded from inside a nearby vehicle captured the final moments of the confrontation. Wallace first can be seen walking around parked cars, crossing into the street from one side across to the other.

A woman appears to be trying to intervene to help him as two male police officers in the street point their guns at him, the video shows. As Wallace comes around a parked car into the street, the two officers can be seen backing up as he walks towards them.

Multiple shots ring out as police fire, striking him.

Watch the shocking moment below;

According to a statement from Mayor Jim Kenney, swift demonstrations following his death ended with the police injuries, businesses looted and 10 people arrested, police said.

“I have watched the video of this tragic incident and it presents difficult questions that must be answered,” Kenney said, noting he spoke Monday with Wallace’s family.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said she is fully committed to a complete investigation and that she “felt the anger of the community” when she visited the scene after the shooting.

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