Walking Dead actor, Michael Mundy jailed for biting girlfriend

Michael Mundy who played ‘zombie’ in the hit movie, ‘The Walking Dead’, is cooling off in jail after brutally biting and abusing his girlfriend.

According to Metro UK, the 52-year-old actor started dating Beverly Jackson, 41, eight years ago after meeting at a UK fan event.

However, the US actor returned to America and got back in touch with Beverly two years ago to ask if he could stay in her spare room in Manchester when he next came to the UK. Then in 2018, Michael attacked Beverly in a hotel room in Germany.

She said,

“He hit me around the face, bit me on the hands, arm, and back, kicked me and threw me out of the room.

Beverly went on to tell The Sun that the abuse only got worse.

The British mum added:

“I fell for him. Initially, he was very charming and promised to help me get into films. But he became more and more abusive.”

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