Wale Gates trolls new Deeper Life Church auditorium

Popular social media critic, Wale Gates has trolled the newly completed Deeper Life Church auditorium in Lagos.

Just some few days ago, the new auditorium was unveiled with Vice President Yemi Osibanjo in attendance.

Wale Gates trolls new Deeper Life auditorium lailasnews 3

Speaking about the new building, the general superintendent, Pastor W.F Kumuyi said the idea was to give God a befitting worship center.

“The project is not, in any way, an advertisement of self or riches. It is served to accelerate the earnest fulfilment of the Great Commission. There are no riches to advertise anyway because the resources came from all strata of membership of the church. Everyone contributed his or her mite. It was a determination to give God the very best”he said.

However, Wale Gates wondered why the newly unveiled auditorium has two large screen monitors after so  many years of the Church having a strong stance against members having television in their homes.

In a series of tweet on twitter, Wale Gate wrote:

But one of his followers who would not have the criticism on the body of Christ, had fired back at Gates and made him understand that with technological advancement being experienced in every facet of life, the Church also has to improve. He then went further to ask Wale Gates what he intended to achieve with his rants

The newly commissioned Deeper Life Church auditorium will seat about 30,000 worshippers.


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  1. Don’t know what he truly intend to gain with his rants. Deeper life church no be government wey go provide a standard school. Did he see the bridge the church built for the road user. He will never see it. It worth over a billion naira if he must know.

    We have a beffiting place for secular events in Lagos. Na bad thing to have same for worship centre?

  2. What Wale gates said requires the churche’s response, for so many years they deceived and made a lot foolish by barring them from watching TV, when they changed their stance, they shoulda announced it too.

    TV is a university, it is school, a person who does not watch TV will be as dumb as a rock. It is interesting to note that while Kumuyi banned weak minded people who agreed with him and threw away or burnt their TV sets, his own children had TVs in America while schooling. The cheatings, sorry, the teachings were for congregants and not for his children abi?

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