Vote for the Cece Yara Foundation & Save Millions of Nigerian Children From Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is preventable. By learning about it, learning how to recognize it, and how to deal with it, 86 million Nigerian children will no longer be at risk of having of their childhood destroyed.” Bola Tinubu (Mrs). 

Vote for the Cece Yara Foundation & Save Millions of Nigerian Children From Sexual Abuse lailasnews

The Cece Yara Foundation, a top 12 finalist of the Google Impact Challenge has taken up the fight against child sexual abuse at a time when 25% of girls and 10% of boys in Nigeria experience sexual violence. Since its launch 18 months ago, the Foundation has set up a free 24-hour child helpline and state-of-the-art Child Advocacy Centre for children who have been sexually abused. The Cece Yara Teambelieves that protecting these children and creating safe spaces for them is the first step in protecting the next generation of Nigerians, to this end the Foundation has ensured the safety of children who may have otherwise faced sexual violence. In this period, the Child Advocates attended to 7,000 calls, provided 850 counselling sessions, filed 30 criminal cases in court and trained over 6,000 children on protecting themselves. An Adult Community Awareness Program has recently been set up in accordance with the belief that the onus is also on the adults to ensure protection of children within their communities.

According to the organisation’s Founder, Bola Tinubu, who was recently named as one of the BBC 100 Women Inspiring and Influential Women of 2018 – the main challenges are creating awareness in all Nigerian communities, and making healing and justice freely accessible to every child, no matter which community they reside.

The Cece Yara Foundation has been selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge.  The Google funding will create an opportunity for the Foundation to increase the impact of its projects and ensure it has the ability to implement strategies to further its reach into various communities across Nigeria, using technology and best practice in response to child sexual abuse. The Foundation has the opportunity to double its funding if it acquires the most public votes in the Google Challenge by 25th November 2018.  You can make an impact by helping us save millions of Nigerian children from child abuse, follow the link to vote today


About The Foundation

 The Cece Yara Foundation is a child-centred non-profit organisation to prevent child sexual abuse and provide access to care, information, protection and emergency intervention for children who are sexually abused or at risk, and their family. 

 The Foundation provides the ideal response to children through a 24-hour free child telephone helpline and its child-friendly Child Advocacy Centre based in Lagos, which provides provide professional counselling, medical, legal and psycho-social support, as well as referral services


  1. Cece Yara foundation is based on the elimination of children sexual abuse . This is a lovely foundation kicking against children sexual abuse . I will vote for Cece Yara Foundation

  2. Cece Yara foundation is based on the elimination of children sexual abuse . This is a lovely foundation kicking against children sexual abuse . I will vote for Cece Yara Foundation.nice one .

  3. She has a wonderful target. I hope the foundation gets its full attention from the world at large.

  4. This is a good one. A laudable one if implemented. Hope it won’t just be another means of making money.

  5. It is a nice development and will seriously help in eradication of sexual assault and harrasment in the country. I like her development strategies

  6. I pray the mission of the foundation flourishes. Nice one, God bless the visioneer. We will definitely vote and publicize this

  7. This cece yara foundation is like a revolution to nigerian because government hardly listens to this issue of child abuse and molestation…keep the good work up

  8. Great work….child abuse really needs to be eradicated and I biliv this platform will play a major role to that effect

  9. Thats a welcome development. But hope it won’t be hijacked by some politicians or top business men for there own selfish interest

  10. Indeed this is one of the best foundation I have seen with its focus on helping children I pray it goes higher daily

  11. That’s a good step Cece Yara I think your administration will take Nigerians to next level thereby eliminating children sexual Abuse which is trying to run down Nigerian children

  12. This foundation has the children at heart and the Lord will raise helper and supporters froM every nook and cranny .

  13. She as a view,focus,vision for securing our young female children from child abuse but for it to move forward you must not move to all this politician too much because they are behind all problem of this country likes of female and male trafficking, boko aram,herdsmen etc

  14. Cece Yara foundation is the best development Nigeria will ever have for it will impact alot in the life of our children because sexual abuse in life of the children is so unbearable. Am totally in support God help us.

  15. This is a good approach to solving this problem
    Sexual assaults is on the increase
    God bless the idea and it’s initiator

  16. Comment*This is a good innovation, for these children are the future generation so kudos to the inventor for his contributions to humanity

  17. Good one, what a nice project…. Please communicate how to do the voting and the address of the foundation. God bless

  18. CeCe yara foundation, is God that will this foundation and it will see you through this laudable venture you using to help the voiceless,in the society.there is no day you will not hear of cases of sexual abuses,

  19. I am specially glad this kind of organisation exist in nigeria. Bola tinubu , thank you for this, the help line should be made public for easy contact . Time to vote everybody

  20. I love those that feels the pain and distress of others…….I pray you be financially fortify to kick your foundation forward.

  21. It’s A nice Foundation because somany children had been sexualy abuse,, is a nice one if our government will encourage it too

  22. I am behind you 100perc…i will vote for you .good job.keep it up dearie…well deserve some accolade.

  23. Wow wat a good foundation to protect our young girls and boys against sexual abused keep it up God will reward you up Cece yara foundation

  24. The foundation is really doing well in it’s fight against children sexual abuse and they deserve our votes for them to do it well.

  25. You will surely win the contest.
    This is because your foundation giveS hope to the hopelss and devastated child who has been abused by those heartless amoungest us.

  26. Cece Yara foundation, you guys are wonder, from today on,anywhere I see any child abuse I will report it to you guys

  27. This is one of the good news of 21ceutury U will surely win. I pray also u will get international recognition and d whole at large. Case of Child Abuse and Rape is much.

  28. Sexual abuse is so alarming , so we have to stop it by supporting cede Yara foundation for better tomorow

  29. Let’s all vote and bring the trophy home. It is our own little way of contributing to the elimination of child abuse.

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