Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their Community (photos)

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According to reports, the statue of Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi was recently erected in a community in Ebonyi state, the villagers were pleased with the governor for his good works towards their community, so they decided to honour and appreciate him with a ‘befitting’ statue.

Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their Community Lailasnews4

Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their Community Lailasnews3

Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their Community Lailasnews2


The governor who seems to be an action governor, recently instructed traditional rulers on what to do with Fulani herdsmen in the state.

The governor directed the traditional rulers to collate data on herdsmen operating in the state for easy identification and maintenance of peace.

The governor, who gave order in Abakaiki at a meeting with traditional rulers and miners in the state, noted that the data should include herdsmen’s names, location and contact phone numbers of their leaders.

Villagers erect statue of Ebonyi State Governor in their Community Lailasnews1

The governor remarked that the decision was reached after series of meetings with security agencies, various committees and representatives of herdsmen in the state.

He said, “Traditional rulers should hold constant meetings with the herdsmen so that they can identify those from Niger Republic and other areas that foment trouble.

“We have been living in peace with the herdsmen for several years but still maintain that there would not be movement of cattle from one area to another in the state.”

Umahi also directed the monarchs and other concerned authorities to agree on grazing locations with the herdsmen where they would be restricted for their grazing activities.

He added, “I will provide amenities such as water in such locations because the state government does not have the resources for ranching.

“When the grasses in such areas finish, you should arrange for another location for grazing because we would not tolerate cattle eating or destroying crops on our farmlands.

“Trouble is inevitable but we can handle them maturely through the various committees on herdsmen in the villages, communities and state levels.

Umahi warned that henceforth, anybody that killed herdsmen’s cows would make double payments with the herdsmen collecting one part and the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs, collecting the other.


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