Video of man who stole ATM and tried to take it home on a bus

In the year 2019, comedian Darius Kinney, made people believe he stole an ATM as he tried to board a bus while dragging the machine with him.

The video which was recorded by his friend on purpose at the time, went viral across social media. But it recently gained more attention during the George Floyd protest across America.

Video of man who stole ATM and tried to take it home on a bus

Many social media users actually thought it was a recent video and they reacted accordingly, but a further investigation carried out by revealed it was shot in March, 2019 as a prank.

The video, which already had millions of views, shows Mr Kinney standing by a bus stop in Newark with a disconnected ATM desperately trying to move it towards a bus that had just pulled up.

He struggles with the heavy machine and ends up having to perform spinning jumps to move it along the street. Once he gets to the bus door he can be heard saying: ‘Come on I’ll split it with you!’ to the bus driver.

Cries of ‘No no no no!’ can be heard coming from inside the bus as passengers encourage the driver not to let him on.

Throughout the video, the man filming can be heard saying: ‘Are you serious? You’re really serious?’

As the bus doors close in front of Mr Kinney he shouts: ‘You gonna do this? For real?

‘We could have made money together!’

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