Video of cultist threatening to kill Police officers who arrested him

A video we sighted has shown the moment a cultist was threatening to kill everyone including Police officers who initiated his arrest.

The bloodied man who was in handcuffs and placed at the back of a van confessed that he is a member of the Aiye Cult and what they know how to do best is kill people.

Video of cultist threatening to kill Police officers who arrested him

He further mentioned that when he comes back from the prison, no one in that vicinity will be spared, especially the Police officers at the particular station where he was detained as he will be coming with his gang members to kill them all.

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*** This one no longer has a soul or conscience. Heartless is an understatement. Just an empty space in his heart. God may I never ever come across such creation of yours.

*** Loolz… Them don tear correct, confam beating 4d werrey bodi finish…e dey remind mee of those dayz when u beat small pikin wella, sotay d pikin don cry finish com dey throw empty bantz around make e use am take console hinsef shaa!!!

*** I’m saying this guy confidence Na only kwale Igbo fit cause am. Powder suppose fail am at this point but high tension weed! Nooooo. E eye go soon clear 😀. When them beat am e sleep for 2 days wake up, e go begin beg 😀😀😀. E men go dey fear right now make e never give names and address

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