Video: Man resists SARS arrest in Edo over possession of 2 ATM cards

A video going viral on social media has shown the moment a man resisted arrest by SARS operatives who had wanted to arrest him for having in his possession 2 ATM cards, in Edo State.

Video: Man resists SARS arrest in Edo over possession of 2 ATM cards

In the video, the officers could be seen making attempts to force the man on dreadlocks into their vehicle, while his friends asked what his offence was and when it became a crime to have 2 ATM cards.

The man himself resisted the arrest vehemently and eventually freed himself from the SARS operatives’ grabs, while still agitating on why they wanted to apprehend.

Watch The Video:

Nigerians on social media condemned the action of the officers and also wondered if it was a crime to hold on to one’s possession

See reactions:

*** Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb and the Police will be the force that will detonate it. War is brewing and if this injustice does not stop, it will happen before our very eyes.

***This is another thing we need to protest against with full seriousness, they can’t be harassing young men and women on the street anyhow, it’s totally wrong and unfair, they should know their job description

*** He should surrender before those touts shot him and come up with their yeye stories, Nothing pass life

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