Video: Man battling with life after bragging and drinking 42% alcohol

A man is currently battling with his life as his friends struggle to keep him alive after he bragged about having the capability to drink 6 bottles of alcohol, without being affected.

According to reports, the man eventually took the drink, but the aftermath wasn’t a sweet experience.

In a video we sighted, the man could be seen consuming the alcoholic drink while being hailed by his friends.

Moments later he was captured on same clip battling with his life.

Reports have it that he was rushed to the hospital where the medical personnel are doing their best to keep him alive

Watch The Video:

See social media reactions:

*** Just negodu this man, at your age you’re falling under peer pressure from drinking, i am flabbergasted.

*** That’s how someone killed himself in delsu.. betting with drink. The guy end up bleeding from the nose and ear and mouth.

*** That man singing in the background will not make heaven, aswearugod

*** As this your age !!! And na beard gang

*** I am surprised that after the numerous social media stories that people read everyday, someone can still do this. I just hope his alive…In hi life, if he hear ALCO…. he wont wait to hear the last part of the statement

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