Video: Driver terrified as snake suddenly appears on his moving car

A driver was scared to death after a snake suddenly appeared on his moving car while traveling through Kansas City earlier in the week.

The driver flung it from the moving vehicle with his windshield wipers as his friend laughed and recorded video of the incident.

Video: Driver terrified as snake suddenly appears on his moving car

Twitter user @KingCaedo posted the video showing the surprise of both the driver and passenger before the snake is flicked off the vehicle’s front window.

The snake was first wrapped around the passenger side mirror before being tossed to the roadway.

It’s unclear whether the snake survived the incident.

Watch Video:

The video which has since gone viral on various social media platforms, have gotten mixed reactions with some users claiming it was animal cruelty for the driver to have flung the snake off the windshield.

*** I feel bad for the snake mabye it landed on the road than the cars ended its life so sad for a beautiful animal

*** Ummm was it necessary to use the window shield wiper ? Maybe stop and find a humane way to remove the snake? Humans can be so self righteous

*** poor snake she want to live. And this people have time make video and cant stop the car

*** Ok… First off it was a type of Ribbon snake… They don’t even have teeth. That have “sand paper plates”. They are NOT POISONOUS. AND WHY ON EARTH CANT YOU JUST PULL OVER AND WAIT FOR IT TO GET OFF YOUR TRUCK. it was terrified. Instead you knock it off at 40 mph with your windshield wipers? What did the snake do for you to cause it physical harm and abuse it?!?

*** animal activist ” talking about animal cruelty and not give a F about minorities in 3…2…1… spread you all ignorance now

*** How sad they could have pulled over and let him slither off. I hope he didnt get run over.


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