“Vee should be careful about you” – Kaisha clashes with Neo for asking her to kiss him

Kaisha and Neo are the latest housemate to clash as the had a heated conversation on the reunion show which aired last night.

The BBNaija reunion show is a lot of fun, as housemates keep having interesting clashes and exchanges since the show began.

Kaisha who narrated her “situationship” with Neo, disclosed that she made it clear to him that she wasn’t a second option. Admitting that she liked Neo while in the house, she however accused him of leading her on and even asking her to kiss her during a Saturday night party. She also claimed that Neo told her that he would have asked her out if Vee didn’t approach him.

Neo however denied the allegation, insisting that he’s not that daft to tell her to kiss when everyone knows he and Vee were having a romantic relationship. He also maintained that he never led Kaisha on and also accused her of being all over him.

Kaisha who was angered by this, accused Neo of being a liar and also warned Vee to be careful before storming off the show., she would later return to the show though.

This is coming after Ka3na revealed and confirmed that she and co-star Praise had sex during their time in the BBNaija.

However, Ka3na expressed her disappointment as she revealed that Praise did not last up to 5 second during their coupling.

“I pulled him to my bed and F***ked him because he told my girls that he can never have anything to do with Ka3na.” She narrated.

Ka3na also accused Praise of bragging to her friends that he can’t date someone like her. She added that Praise wanted to use Lucy and make her jealous.

“He also came to meet me in my hotel, he waited for Ozo to leave, then he still tried to get down with me.”

He tried to use Lucy to make me Jealous, but how can you make a Boss Lady jealous.

I f**ked him, I used him, he didn’t last 5 seconds, I couldn’t stand him and I don’t date men like him.

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