US President Donald Trump Impeached – Americans react

President of the Unites States, Donald Trump has been impeached by the US house of Representatives, December 19, 2019 and Americans are reacting to the development.

Americans have taken to their social media pages to react to their President Donald Trump getting impeached.

US President Donald Trump Impeached - American react

See some reactions below.

We did it. The most corrupt president in the history of our country has been impeached by the House of Representatives. Together, our tireless, relentless, determination to stand up for our democracy has made all the difference. #Impeached – @Jocelyn25876064

Today is history. In Democratic courage, and in Republican cowardice and betrayal of country. #Impeached – @MikkoAlanne

Take it or go to hell @realDonaldTrump is one of the world greatest president
And his coming back to fulfill the work God assigned him to do. All this demonic Democrat can’t stop him – @Deholydon

Give those sad people a moment to laugh with this impeachment bs.
But stay tuned: it is President Trump who will win in the end. Just wait for the Senate hearings AND 2020! #chooseyourbattles Whatever they do to POTUS
@realDonaldTrump : still ” Best President of My Lifetime” 🤗🇺🇸 – @LonnekeEngel

I support the impeachment of Donald Trump.- @albinokid

Trump being impeached could be compared to Barry Bonds home run asterisk. Bond still hit the home run and Trump will still be president 🤷🏾‍♀️. Let me go to bed, I’ve got work in the morning #ImpeachmentDay – @whipappeal82

I just witnessed, in person, the impeachment of Donald J. Trump! A stunning, exhilarating day of watching Democrats find the courage to confront a menace and watching the Republican bots all squirming and grunting and sounding like the dying dinosaurs that they are. Victory! – @MMFlint

It was the perfect vote 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #ImpeachTheMF you don’t represent the American people fool nice try – @tapatio21

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