US President Donald Trump formally declares second term bid

US President Donald Trump has officially declared his second term bid.

Donald Trump announced his second term bid during a campaign rally at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL where Vice President Pence made the opening remarks and the first lady Melania Trump introduced the President. The President was also joined on stage by the outgoing Press Secretary Sarah Sanders who made brief remarks.

US President Donald Trump announces second term bid, launches campaign - lailasnews

At a kickoff rally in Orlando, President Donald Trump asks the audience which slogan his campaign should use: “Make America Great Again” or “Keep America Great”.

Trump-Republican message that Donald Trump has kept his promises on all fronts, Democrats are saying he did the opposite and that the only promises he has kept have been to the wealthy and big corporations.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley said,

“No matter who the Democratic presidential nominee is, they will fight for working Americans,” Buckley said. “Trump’s policies only work for those at the top. For the ultra-wealthy, big corporations and lobbyists, there’s no question that Trump has made America great, but to the middle class he made campaign promises he simply didn’t keep.”

The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, which are essentially one in the same for the 2020 cycle, released a list of promises it says the president has kept.

The RNC “research briefing” says Trump’s policies have generated more than 6 million jobs, cut taxes for “82 percent of middle-class households,” cut corporate and small business taxes, reversed the Obama administration’s “anti-business environmental policies,” cut regulations, expanded health care choices and enforced immigration laws. It says Trump has also done “everything he can to protect our border.”

“In just two short years, President Trump has achieved historic results for our nation and is working every day to create a better America for people across New Hampshire and the country,” RNC spokesperson Nina McLaughlin said in a prepared statement.

“Whether it’s the booming economy, lower taxes, leadership on the Southern border or more, President Trump has achieved monumental results and deserves four more years in office to continue this important success.”

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