US Journalist Shaun King slams British museum over plans to loan Nigeria stolen bronze statues

US Journalist Shaun King, has called out a British Museum over plans to loan Nigeria bronze statues they stole from old Benin empire.

US Journalist Shaun King slams British museum over plans to loan Nigeria stolen bronze statues  lailasnews

Recall that it was reported that while other countries, like Greece over the Elgin Marbles, have refused to accept anything other than a permanent return of treasures seized during the colonial era, some Nigerian officials expressed willingness to settle for borrowing back what was stolen from them. Two hundred of the Benin Bronzes were taken to the British Museum, although some items have also gone to museums in Oxford and Cambridge, and others have ended up in institutions all over Europe and the US.

However reacting to this, US Journalist Shaun King wrote on Instagram;

No. @britishmuseum :: you don’t have the power to loan back what you stole.
These don’t belong to you. They belong to Nigeria. Apologize and return them immediately – with interest.

US Journalist Shaun King slams British museum over plans to loan Nigeria stolen bronze statues  lailasnews


  1. Thas good opinion from you my brother i hope dey we return it back to nigeria because they were not the owner of it dey steal it

  2. Thank to you for calling our Government attention so by that they can go there. Our historical statues is coming home small.

  3. British government has eaten deep in Nigeria, they came colonized, stole and caused trouble among is as a people.

  4. what an honest person, this is a good journalist, please return our property, can you see this now, we Nigerian, who knows how they truly got it, please let us cherish our property

  5. The journalist is right. But Nigeria needs stature, go to IMO state. Okorocha will mould you even in your kitchen

  6. He is right,u don’t borrow out what u stole from someone to the person, rather u return it to the owner,greed is disturbing them.

  7. They stole from us,instead of returning it,they want to loan us.Return it back,they are rightfully ours.

  8. I don’t know when Nigerian will become wise and let go of this foreigner stop stealing what belong to is.

  9. Even before they stole the it and now since they decided they wanted to. bring it back to Nigeria we welcome the ideas

  10. He should return it and then apologize for stealing at the first place that’s the only way to make peace

  11. They should not try it that is our heritage
    They should bring it back pls
    We have really suffered in the hands of Britain

  12. Why are we loaning what really belongs to us.I hate it when Nigeria selttle for less .giant of Africa

  13. That is absurd Joe can the loan another people art that they stole Nigeria government should not let that happen

  14. God will bless you shuan , they stole it from u they should return it with interest. Am ashamed that nigerian officials are begging to borrow it.

  15. I believe they stole it through the help of an insider.So the museum will give account of how dey got their hands on the Art work

  16. Well said, those arifect all of them has to be return no matter how far or where it is. Loaning them back is not an option. It should be return with an apology.

  17. This journalist has sense jare. U can’t loan something that belongs to someone back to him. We demand a full return with interest also.

  18. Thanks to the journalist for the information about our stolen bronze statues. The British should apologized and returns the statues

  19. It’s really funny, you want to loan what you stole from a particular person, God bless the journalist cos even our so-called leaders can’t protest for their countries right

  20. That’s why our government is so dumb and weak. If is other western world now, they would fight for it and get lost treasures even with apology but here in Nigeria we always behave like slaves and weak. How can someone steal my thing and still out of open eye, said i will only see it again by loaning it to me then later return it back. This is act of intimidation and the government should speak and ask for there right. Buhari is now to show your toughness oo not on innocent people here. Show your bravery now and not making mouth. This is so annoying.

  21. its not ne to me , because they are use to looting nigeria our treasures long time ago and our governments are so dumb that they dont care about that

  22. Nigeria my beloved country how manage e take reach dere, na wa ooo. Make una return am ooo no be loan again

  23. Like seriously this is truly ours they must tender their apology with immediate effect for stealing from us thank you Mr Shaun

  24. Can you imagine? When we don’t know our right we are bound to be cheated. Thanks to Shaun King for this exposition.

  25. Why would the Nigerian government even accept such a deal?, anyways thanks to this journalist for speaking up.

  26. The British know that it’s ours and a total refund it should be or nothing. They can’t borrow what they don’t have.

  27. Oh this journalist is a truthful one, he has said it all, the statues should be returned to Nigeria, they should apologise to Nigeria and pay compensation. That’s all

  28. So if not for this journalist Nigeria would have borrowed the statutes? Hmmm its ours and we ought to thrive to get it back not borrow

  29. I can’t believe that Nigerians were willing to settle for borrowing statues that belonged to us in the first place when it should be given back. Thank God for that sensible journalist

  30. He is right, u can’t loan what u stole it’s not urs… Give it back to the rightful owners… And y will they go and borrow what they know is theirs… African mentality

  31. Journalist is right ,
    They don’t have the power to loan back what they stole.
    These don’t belong to them. They belong to Nigeria.

  32. Can you imagine? When we don’t know our right we are bound to be cheated. Thanks to Shaun King for this exposition.

  33. I wonder why we have not sued this people and take back everything they stole from us . At least someone is speaking out for us

  34. Thanks to the journalist, please return it, it belongs to us.Nigeria Government are not just smart in some things only corruptions

  35. This journalist has made a good point, if its the bronze statue is stolen from Nigeria, they should return it with immediate effect

  36. Bringing it to Nigeria is not the best option because our government is corrupt it won’t solve anything

  37. Nigeria is f**ked up…. They don’t even have the power to take back what’s there’s .
    Nawah ooo

  38. Yes that statues actually belong to Nigeria, they one’s came over to Nigeria before we were colonized to still a lot of precious things

  39. This is why I respect America till tomorrow.. They always speak the truth and stand on what they believe.. Thank you Mr Shaun King.. You can imagine, Loaning to someone what actually belongs to her.. Britain are reason our country is what it is today.. When the head is bad, it affects the whole body.. Please kindly return what you stole from us.. Simple

  40. These arts worth Billions of naira, we r not suppose to take it lightly, Nigeria hv to take it seriously so that they return it

  41. How can you loan something to its owner, and our leaders are not saying anything, its outsiders that are fighting for us

  42. Those Nigerian officials are coward
    How can you take back as loan what’s yours
    You don’t know how to fight for what’s yours
    Thanks King for speaking up for our coward officials

  43. Its well, as Nigeria don’t know the value of what they have so is better is taking to where it can be utilized .

  44. It is sad that the giant of Africa, all these while, has done nothing to retrieve our stolen treasure. Imagine loaning to us what rightfully belongs to us. What a shame

  45. Thank God for this man who God is using to bring back our pride as a country…..what our so called leaders cannot bring back to us…

  46. The journalist is right. British museum don’t have the right to loan what they stole. Those things should be returned back to Nigeria.

  47. The british government did nothing for us. They came to our country and stole that we have including peace.

  48. They try and return it since it was on borrow even though it was long ago,if there was agreement of over it ,they shld ve adhered to it

  49. Just imagine, Nigeria is not even willing to fight for what us rightfully theirs, they are settling for borrowing, thank God for the journalist who spoke up.

  50. it since it was on borrow even though it was long ago,if there was agreement of over it ,they shld ve adhered to it

  51. The British government has eaten deed into our country they have done more harm than good they should return all that they have stollen from us

  52. God bless the journalist, most of this nigerians just don’t have sense instead of fighting and looking for a way to get their stuffs back they want to loan it because they have money ……..

  53. Thank to you for calling our Government attention so by that they can go there. Our historical statues is coming home small

  54. Can you imagine that… what you stole, you loan it back… I don’t understand why we even debate on this issue…let the international community put mouth into this matter.

  55. They should just return it back…I wonder why nigerian officials are settling for borrowing….meanwhile this is supposed to be part of their heritage and identity

  56. All these foreign countries. So they are now loaning us what is ours in the first place. The government self accepted their offer. Nigeria my fatherland.

  57. Ignorance is this county’s problem ,how can sell or dump his identity is too bad pls the FG should do something and make sure that the bronze is returned.

  58. He is right. These artifacts have been taken from Nigeria way back and should be returned rather than being loaned back to the country who owns it

  59. Imagine the want to borrow us back what you stole from us..this is bad really really bad

  60. This is like bullying na… Loaning back to us Nigerians, our own treasure/statues which they stole… Its not acceptable anywhere

  61. That remarkable for a non-Nigerian fighting for us. I want to also believe that some of this artifacts were sold back then to the whites

  62. The British have always been cunny and deceitful they will never agree to the fact that they stole those artworks talk more of returning them.

  63. Is it high time Nigeria started living up to its sovereignty statue and get back what rightfully belongs to us which has been unduly stolen.
    We cannot continue to make the western countries see us as not competitive. No way!

  64. Is true my brother, britsh have always be bringing too much sense when it comes to Nigerian issue, that marsk really belong to us just give it back to us in peace and not in loan.

  65. I don’t even think this country us willing to fight for what is theirs . Imagine the UK telling us they want to loan us something that they stole from us . Is it not an insult ?

  66. Thank God for this journalist, at last God is using someone to bring back the lost things in Nigeria…

  67. If they loan Nigeria the Statues, is it going to boost our ever failing economy? Journalists just want to be popular by all means

  68. Oh lord! We are such a disgrace to ourselves how can we beg them to loan our own properties that they stole from us…. To us. Imagine such nonsense…. May God continue to bless that Journalist…. So we can’t be bold enough to demand our properties back instead we are asking to be loaned to us lol

  69. Thanks to the journalist for speaking up for the truth, you cant borrow someone what he has, i think that is still colonialism

  70. The journalist really made a wise decision. Our culture, artifacts are our heritage and pride. I am glad they want to return the Benin Bronzes Statues back to us. God bless the journalist, God bless Nigeria.

  71. We’re the problem of ourselves in this country. We respect outsiders than our biological brothers.
    When we start to use our head and do like others countries does, then we’d gain our values and respect from outsiders.

  72. Our ancestors won’t allow it for them

    Now I really know the main reason Nigerian is like this 200 bronze statue, Hahah !

  73. That is very good of me
    He did a good thing by speaking out
    Please oooo.. Let them return the statue ooo..

  74. Tourism is a big brand for a nation, these motion should be checked thoroughly by the federal government to achieve it’s aim in exploiting the beauty of our ancient artifact

  75. This is one good thing about Americans they see things and say it the way the way it’s I wish you Nigerians can learn from this and learn to say the truth, do what is right and stand by it. It will really go along way in developing and liberating the country.

  76. What a kind man and he is honest awish Na Nigerian man watin concern them and return they go sell am out money for pocket

  77. Thats good opinion from you my brother i hope dey will return it back to nigeria because they were not the owner of it dey steal it

  78. Pls they should just respect their selves and return what rightfully belongs to us and stop trying to strip us of what is ours

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